Ideology, culture and core values are all essential to the DNA of any organization; it is what forms the corporate identity and can be either positive and life-giving or negative and toxic. What is your organisation’s ideology?

Yanza was a little taken aback by the suggestions coming from his colleagues; the board room was thick with anxiety, but is that enough to throw away everything XTY Corp. stands for? Situations like this strengthen who we are or does it? He stood there thinking about some of the reasons he joined the organization – the commitment to excellence and integrity; all that seems to be flying out of the window as they are about to loose a major client.

Exactly 8 weeks ago, the atmosphere in the boardroom was different, it was that of excitement, accomplishment and the smell of greatness as XTY closed a mega deal making them the first local partners of a multinational Oil & Gas company. It had been 2 years in the making and though they had been in business for 11 years, this was their biggest deal yet. It would serve as a launch pad for more international opportunities.

Looking back, Yanza can see that maybe they were a little too excited; the terms were marginally profitable, however, they were happy to add this to the list of successfully executed projects. As the Project Manager, Yanza had expressed his concerns about the valuation being in Naira and borrowing in Dollars to finance the project; especially since the profit would be so little; but the CFO put their minds at ease that everything was fine.

It wasn’t… The project began on a fantastic note, timelines were being adhered to and all was well in the organization; until 3 weeks ago when the price of Dollar started to climb, and the possibility of completion started looking bleak. Exactly 8 weeks after, funds are running out fast, the bank would soon come knocking and the project is nowhere near completion, so as you can imagine, the client is threatening fire and brimstone.

Yanza was jolted back to the present by Tina’s shrill voice ‘It is a matter of national integrity, as these guys will no longer want to do business with any indigenous organisation’; Tina, a project team member, always managed to make things sound worse. ‘The choices are clear’ Yemi bellowed, just so his voice could be heard above the chaos; the room went quite as everyone wanted to hear a recap of what everyone else had said, while they weren’t listening.

‘We compromise on quality and deliver the whole project; we divert funds from another project to complete this one or we admit failure, cut our losses and move on’. The MD stood up from his seat at the head of the table and started to pace around the room; he had been quiet all meeting, he stopped abruptly and asked a simple question ‘What do new stand for?’ We all blurted out the organization’s mission statement; which ironically was hanging on the wall – ‘Delivering excellent service with integrity…’ In that moment, we all knew what the next line of action would be.

Every organization tries to protect their core ideology; as an individual, it is important to ensure that you are aware of this either written or unwritten ideology and align your actions with it. If your organisation’s ideology is in conflict with your personal values, it will be hard to find fulfillment on the job. Its time for a self vs organisational assessment, who wants to go first? Drop a comment and share with friends.

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