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Helen was about to cross the busy road when she suddenly remembered she’d not responded to an email from her boss. She’s had this running argument between her & her boss on her performance appraisal. At that point, she wasn’t sure whether to continue across the road towards the restaurant or just quickly return to the office and respond to the email. But there was some important information and she will need to do a good response to the mail.

Helen’s always believed she could multitask well but recent performances showed her quality of delivery had been compromised.

Suddenly, she stopped in the middle of the road & turned. The sudden action jolted Ben, her colleague with whom she was going to lunch. “Run along, I’ll meet you up shortly.” she said, “I need to attend to something quickly in the office”.

As soon as she returned to the office, she realized she’d have to wait for her other colleague to resume from lunch break. They had the important information she needed for the response.

Like Helen, career executives are often caught in a web of tasks that seem to diminish their effective performance. Too many tasks calling for your instant attention. It’s time to organize & deliberately prioritize your daily tasks.

Include in your daily schedule a time to reflect on your to-do list, that’s if you have one. Manage and limit unplanned interruptions, they’re a major source of distraction. Most of the time, it’s good to think like the boss or the CEO. It helps to ‘think global’ for your team. Simple wisdom to simplify your life will greatly improve your performance. Humility is a winning strategy any day.

It’s important to deliberately manage the expectations of your boss and the entire team. There is always a better way of doing things. Therefore, seek new knowledge & better skills on your job. Put premium priority on your relationships. Building relationships is very fundamental in career.

Of course, Helen wasn’t able to go to lunch again that day, but Ben brought her something to eat. That is the life of a typical city career person, living life on the go. But you don’t have to be overcome by this. Your to-do list, planned work life and strategic thinking will help you structure your daily routine favourably. Just take a few minutes to think it through and plan. Don’t waste time. Invest it!

The workplace is a complex environment. It takes wisdom to navigate it. Ask James in the Good Book. Remember that you are an influencer and an authority in your industry. Have a successful day!


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