In Due Course

Legend started his packaging business with 2 assistants and they were to help deliver the goods to clients. The production process had been a source of concern to him for sometime now. He wanted a perfect production system that was void of hitches and downtime just like that of multinationals. He wanted his 3 year old production line to mirror a 30 year old production line. He was in such a hurry. He had envisioned a perfect production line for his business that’s automated, end to end. A system that produces thousands of merchandise every hour without the regular down time they experienced.

He understood that time was of the essence in his line of business. He couldn’t afford downtime, it was costly. Legend had acted courageous only once and that was before he started his business, every other decision had been in fear.

He wanted to build a very profitable yet sophisticated production line in such a short time. He started second-guessing himself, reflected on some of his decisions and started losing his confidence.

Unfortunately, he forgets that every business will go through its motion of growth and development. If we give our business the dedication and attention it requires, in due course, it’ll become what we see in our dreams.

There are events in business that we can’t make happen by stroke of effort or energy, they will happen only in due course. As entrepreneurs, we have to come to terms with the fact that time is our most valuable resource. Entrepreneurs must learn patience in building the business, getting new ones and managing relationships.

We can’t make to happen now what should happen in few months time. Entrepreneurs get easily frustrated and overwhelmed especially when things don’t happen at an instant. There is no venture in life that automatically translates into success.

Every sustainable long term venture goes through the period of gestation when the business is refined. Most of the thriving enterprises in developed economies started way back with one committed and patient man. There is therefore need for patience. Take it one step at a time.

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