In The Line Of Duty

We often neglect the truth in ‘The Line of Duty’ especially when you are older and single.

Didi prided herself on her many achievements. She was already a top executive in just 7 years, hard work does pay. She loved herself, loved her family and most especially, loved God. Her life was picture perfect.

But a call from someone very special to her was also the cause of her deepest pain – her mother. She looked at the phone as it rang and decided not to answer it. She went straight to the gym after work and spent the evening with friends only to get home to a shocker. Mummy was in her apartment going through her stuff! “No wonder you can’t find a man.” Her mum spat. “I knew that masters will get to your head… Now look at you, 33 and no man!” The words were like a scorpion’s sting.

WhiteOlive_In the line of duty prayers Now it seemed everyone around her was married as she was the only single lady amongst her friends. Everyone used the fact that she was single to get on her nerves. She was neither invited to baby showers nor ‘mum events’ as her friends loved to call their hangouts. She won’t blame them though. Once, a friend’s husband warned her to stop influencing his wife against him. This was shocking, especially as the real culprit was another married lady.

There are many stories out there like Didi’s. Being single & older is usually frowned upon in our society. Some parents don’t make it any easier by trying to forcefully hook them up – even using emotional blackmail. God has not written you off even if you feel slighted by your family or friends.

Marriage is sacred and a blessing from God. He will come to your aid at the right time and with the right man for you if you let Him rule in your heart. Take this period as a time for preparation, not of regret and heart ache. Read about all the wonderful things HE did with ladies in the Bible, knowing that HE has good plans for you.

Remember, HIS influence can change your situation in a flash so keep living the Christ Culture & doing exploits for God!

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