Is it Too Small?

‘I am a dreamer, an ambitious goal-getter; I know what I want and I work extra hard to get it. I want the sun, the moon and stars; how is that an unreasonable demand?’ I have heard this cliché so many times, I feel it’s a mantra for those who just want you to think they have it all together.

I am slightly different. What if I tell you that what I want is not as complex as others? That what thrills me is being able to improve on existing processes and scale-up businesses. What if I say that I do not want to own a business, I just want to be a vital part of its success story?

I am a person of simple taste, and before you call me lazy, know that I work hard for everything I have. I just know that I would be miserable setting up my own business; I enjoy rising through the ranks and one day, I know I’ll reach the top.

I want to live a life of impact, reaching and improving as many lives as possible; and the only way I know how to do this, is to be the best ”intrapreneur’ the world has ever seen and use my influence to make the world a better place.

My parents think I need some form of exorcism; that my wanting to work within a structured environment and make an impact from there cannot be normal. After all their investments, they have earned the right to be the parents of the ‘next big name’. Though well-meaning, their words and actions hurt.

People say that I am crazy to be perfectly fine working for other people; that I am too valuable to settle for 3% stake in a multinational (which is what I plan to negotiate when I become the CEO) instead of 100% of my own business.

The fact that I am a fantastic employee, does that qualify me to be a great entrepreneur? Wouldn’t that be like a cactus living in a swamp; drowning from all the unnecessary resources and pressure to use and be more; instead of staying in the desert and blooming in the face of adversity; a wonder to the world?

I am tired of being judged. Are my dreams and visions too small? Should I scale up and watch what happens or should I stick to my original plans and ignore all the “encouragers”?

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