Is The Big Bang Theory Real?

The Big Bang Theory is a popular show on Comedy Central, but it’s also a theory in science that directly challenges the story of Creation in Genesis, by replacing God, with a big, burning ball.

Well, not a ball exactly, but it comes down to the idea that everything came out of nothing. So picture this, with no hot water, no bowl and certainly no paddle, garri just started expanding and evolving and became Eba. The universe just decided to change and eventually led to the creation of the actor who plays a narcissistic genius on TV.

Now the scientists will use various things to support this claim. They always seem to forget that it’s a theory, meaning it’s not a fact. Yet this is what many atheists base their faith on. And yes atheism is a faith. It takes faith to believe that your bed just makes itself, and your clothes just jumps on your body. Because that is essentially the Big Bang Theory.

However there might be some merit to this other than the catchy theme song of the popular Comedy Central show of the same name. Some scientists like John Lennox would argue that a universe expanding in an exploding brightness must’ve been exactly what it looked like when God said let there be light. Or man coming to being after thousands of years of evolution doesn’t contradict scripture, because after all to God one day can be thousands of years.

Now you might be wondering why this argument is so important, but please remember that if God did not create the earth then we owe Him nothing. More so, He has no real power over us. The earth cannot be like the street where you grew up where adults that didn’t birth you have a right to guide and even discipline you. God would have no authority over us because, He didn’t raise us.

So what will you believe? Because you must believe something like it or not. And all faith systems must start in the beginning. Did we just appear here? Did the universe expand due to high density and temperature? Is the universe really getting cooler even though Edo state sun shines hotter every year? These are questions you must ask yourself to find your purpose in life. You are not a mistake.

The Big Bang Theory is The Game of Thrones of comedy when it comes to popularity. Its female lead is one of the highest paid actresses in the world. So riddle me this, did the show you see on TV come out of thin air? Did the script write itself, was the cast self -hired? Did the lighting and location magically appear on set? My dear, it did not, and neither did everything you see around you. Don’t let anybody deceive you that this correct and garnished Egusi that you see came out of a soup of nothingness.

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