It’s Good To Work From Home

Zion is an avid believer in the idea of working from home and he has touted this for as long as he can recall since his professional career in Will Windows. He’d rather power his laptop by 7am and start churning out work than spend an average of two hours plus of his morning in the hustle and bustle of the city traffic.

Zion’s computed that going to the office costs him about three hours to get himself together and take off on work every morning. He has also figured that that three hours can be used very productively with plenty man hours and atmospheric pollution saved if he stayed at home to work.

The serenity of Zion’s neighbourhood during work hours is added advantage to working from home. In addition,the house is empty for a substantial part of the day, his internet connection is relatively reliable so remote connection with his team will not be a problem.

So why do we really all have to religiously hit the road so early in the day every work day in the rats-race to get to our little cubicles on the other side of town? Why can’t we consider the concept of working at home for the employee with its attendant benefits of ease from traffic jam, savings on man hours, less carbon emissions, less demand for work space, increased productivity etc.

Although some folks may raise trust issues regarding whether the employee will be on top of his game real time as required. This is just what it is – trust issues.

So, an employer that cannot trust employees to work remotely and deliver on their KPIs will continue to hold on to micromanaging techniques to the detriment of productivity and the inherent benefits of working at home for the worker who does not really need to be in the office every day or at all.

You need to consider the home office option as an employer with probably a budget for dedicated training to enrich your employees working at home ethics.

Is working at home a beneficial idea for your city? Do you have home office experience or ideas you want to share to enlighten new and prospective practitioners of the concept? Please send your ideas and feedback on the comments section below and feel free to shed as much light as possible on this topic.

1 thought on “It’s Good To Work From Home”

  1. As economical as this seeems, this method depends on the nature of your business/work.

    Not all jobs can be done from especially the ones that has footfall of clients/customer’s physical visits to your office.

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