It’s Possible

Tons of people have asked these questions long before you with concerns about the most unimaginable things, like “I wish I could fly” – today, over 4 billion passengers fly numerous airliners annually. For some, it’s the lunar charm of the moon that held them mesmerized and they were fixated gazing at it with powerful telescopes – about 60 years ago, it received its first visitors. Today, Elon Musk and his crew are working on even more fantastic moon trips.

You’d imagine these landmark achievements will persuade anyone that we can do all things if we set our hearts to achieve them. Well… the word “pessimistic” still exists. But really, it all begins with an idea and FACT is “if you can dream it, you can achieve it”. So, it starts with an idea as tiny as a mustard seed. Then it grows into the largest reality, a tree. The Great Wall of China was a mere idea. The Faith Dome too! Firstly, an idea is conceived, then it’s born. We all have ideas, but “impossible” in our mind restricts the idea only to the famous conception stage.

The ‘IT’S-POSSIBLE’ mindset takes the idea to the next level, notwithstanding the odds. You may fail once or 999 times, like Edison, you only learn the myriad ways not to do it and the ‘one’ to get it right. The ‘one’ way you discover to breathe life into your idea is most important, it’s the icing and crown on the resilient efforts of those who dare to believe. We all really need to be like architects, to have a mental picture of what we want to build, put the picture on paper, then build it – making it really is the real deal. It’s all possible. There will be errors here and there, but it’s not a man’s fault that he fell, the problem is when he refuses to get up and keep moving.

Do you have an idea today? It’s possible to make that idea happen. Don’t feel embarrassed by your idea or chicken out because of the size or season, these are all symptoms of the ‘Impossible Syndrome’. Your idea can change the/your world but only if you birth it. The idea has come so that YOU can give it expression and access to the world. If it’s impossible, it may never come to you, so latch onto those ideas and begin to give them expression. Yes, you can! Yes, it’s possible.

You have an idea to start your own outfit to meet the needs of mankind with top-notch efficiency or to even take your “little thing” to another level – it’s possible, just start. You are probably waiting to have everything in place, highbrow location, lots of cash, etc, but the mustard seed starts its journey to greatness from dirt. Think about these. Yes, you can, if you will conquer your circumstances and trepidation. The can-do spirit always wins, you don’t really lose if you fail. The invaluable experience amounts to so much.

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