Jesus Take The Wheel

Driving in Lagos is such a daunting thing to do; it takes a lot of courage in the midst of mad and reckless drivers. However, you cannot learn how to drive if you do not get in the driver’s seat and move the car. Like everything else in life, you just have to start! Mrs A shares her testimony.

I started driving fully in the month of April 2017; this was after I learnt using a manual car some years ago and finally changing my car to automatic. It took me two weeks to learn how to drive and within a month, I became very good at it. Before I started driving, I used to worry about how people drove with so many Okadas and Kekes around. It was a serious concern then that the only driving I did was in my dreams. But since I started driving, they have been non- existent, the fear of them is gone.

The Spirit of God has been so awesome that I haven’t had any accident whatsoever I have not hit anyone and I have not been hit. When there’s a bit of traffic ahead I just say a short prayer, “Holy Spirit please make a way for me”, and that’s it; He clears the way for me.

When I was driving to work one morning, a bus driver behind me just overtook my car recklessly and was making some rude signs at me. The first thought that crossed my mind was – are you high? After he drove past me, I zoomed the car and wanted to overtake him but I couldn’t meet up. I wasn’t looking at my mirror, I almost hit another car. I know it was the Holy Spirit that didn’t allow an accident to occur – this was on 3rd mainland bridge.

This testimony may not seem all that to you but to me it is a big deal, because everyday when I start the car, I know that it’s the Holy Spirit that helps me drive it around safely.

Who is driving the wheels of your life? Have you thanked Him lately?

Share your story of deliverance and safety with us, let us exalt His name together.

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