Keep Your Ears To The Ground

There is really no such thing as a bad organization, but there’s bad management and leadership. An organization is as good as the quality of its leadership and management team.

A deaf management team will refuse to listen to sounds of changing times. It’s not even aware of its environment. A bad management will not listen to the complaints of staff and/or customers. Sometimes, their greed, pride and ego blind them to the realities on ground. In the same vein, an ignorant management team will likely take decisions in a vacuum.

Useful information is shared in organizations, both vertically and horizontally but many organizations have not paid attention to knowledge and information shared within their system. Apart from office accessories, a business’ true value is the sum of all the knowledge held and shared by its team.

In every organization, regardless of size, valuable information is created, revised and shared on a regular basis. This information becomes an asset that then becomes part of the business intelligence of the organization.

So, how do you generate useful knowledge for your business? Are you sensitive enough to pick up such? How distant are you from your internal and external customers? Are you aware of what’s going on? How do you handle vital information and knowledge that comes to you on a daily basis?

This is very useful in decision-making processes. Some call it “feedback”. Knowledge management guides the creation, sharing and application of intelligence in your business. No knowledge or information is useless unless it cannot be distilled, modified and applied.

So, keep your ears glued to the ground, pay attention to information shared in your organization and among your teams. Always remember that information and knowledge is wealth for any individual or entity


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