Kiss Or Kick

Femi can be described as the ring leader – highly entitled, self-centered and a twisted view of what purpose and job satisfaction is. He always felt the world owed him favours and did not hesitate to demand same. Femi and Chuka gained employment and resumed on the same day in a 5-star Hotel. They were hired as Junior Event Planners, barely a month after graduation; they felt really good and fortunate.

Six months down the line, Chuka was promoted to the position of the Senior Events Planner, to the amazement of all including Femi. The premise for this being Chuka’s hard work, but Femi wasn’t buying that. Femi got jealous and disgruntled but continued his work anyway. ‘Man must hustle’ he consoled himself, ‘Pepper go rest’. This promotion thing might be turn-by-turn, but he had a plan to make his turn come faster. His strategy was to warm his way into the hearts of the Senior Managers by taking credit for other people’s work and offering unsolicited acts of kindness. He would kiss b*** all the way to the top of the career ladder.

Although a serial latecomer, he made sure he came in very early on Thursdays to welcome the Senior Managers for their weekly meeting. He waited on them and successfully made quite an impression. Femi’s antics, however, did not work; as everyone could see right through him. Chuka’s attempts to reach out to him turned sour and he became bitter. ‘It’s not Chuka’s fault, nah condition make crayfish bend’, he said. He turned in his resignation, accusing the G.M of favoritism and poor management; calling him an incompetent hypocrite, an accusation the G.M. did not take lightly. However, he sought to teach Femi a lesson.

The G.M. knowing Chuka was deserving of the position, decided to help Femi realize why Chuka was preferred. He gave Femi a task, ‘Go into town and find out the most preferred brand of chocolate beverage’. Femi returned and said, ‘Creamy Choco’, the G.M asked ‘how much is it?’ Then he drove back into town to find out and then returned ‘it costs 1,000 Naira for the 500g pack’, The G.M thanked him. The G.M then called Chuka and gave him the same task. It took Chuka quite a while to get back, but when he did; he came back with a detailed report on current beverage prices, a list of potential vendors; competitor prices and market projections.

Femi screamed, “ITK” an acronym for ‘I-too-know’ but the G.M stopped him, ‘Proactive’ is the word. This is due diligence and going the extra mile in ensuring that not just the current, but potential questions are answered. You will not go far by doing only what was assigned to you and doing it shabbily. True diligence and a commitment to excellence will get you noticed by the right people. Eye service only draws negative attention. ‘I hope you will ponder on these words and have a rethink’ the GM said, Femi looked at him, thoroughly embarrassed and walked away. A part of him wanted to be defensive, but his heart knew the truth.

See a man who is diligent in his work, he will stand before kings, he will not stand before mere men says Proverbs 22:29. Don’t suck up, work up. Have a great #TieThursday

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