Kolo Vs. Piggy Bank

Let’s put our money where our mouths are and talk about finance. It’s such a fancy word isn’t it, “finance”? We spend the first two decades of our lives learning about allowances, and piggy banks, ‘allawee‘ and ‘magas‘ paying up, but no one ever sits down to help us understand finance. That is, until now.

Making money isn’t just about hustle, it’s an art and it takes heart. Have you ever heard the saying “money changes people?”. It’s actually wrong, money simply reveals who we really are. Having money means we can finally afford to be our true selves, for better or worse. Money answereth all things, including the question, “Who am I?”

So all that humility that you’re forming by prostrating for Chief and Chairman proves nothing until you yourself become a Chief or Chairman.

So what is finance?

It is the management of money and other assets. Pay attention to the fact that it isn’t about making money, but managing it. It’s also not about money alone, but assets as well. The distinction here is what separates the seemingly wealthy bachelor living from hand to mouth in his rented Lekki apartment that will go bankrupt as soon as crisis hits, and the wealthy man who stays in his own house on the mainland.

Finance isn’t about how things look, it’s about how things work. For instance, we know that Nigeria is a rich country because it makes a lot of money, but we also know a large chunk of Nigerians live below the poverty line, because our leadership doesn’t understand finance. Here’s how finance can help you and how you can help Nigeria’s economy.

Think like a serial entrepreneur. Serial entrepreneurs are like hired assassins, they’re always searching out new targets. They do their research, and when they go in for the kill, they never miss. Murder is, of course, a sin, but making financial gains isn’t. You are expected to make a headway in life. Your plastic spoon is supposed to be silver by the time you die, and your silver spoon is supposed to be diamond, multiply your talents.

Think startups. Do you really want to spend 30 years of your life building someone else’s dream? Get promoted to CEO and go from dealing with annoying bosses to dealing with annoying board of trustees? Different level, same devil; unless you build your own heaven. It may not start with streets of gold, but the road to a higher National GDP is paved with good inventions. You must break from the idea of salary and think profit. Break from the idea of being an employee and think employer. Talent is enough capital, and you can start today.

Think equity. This goes back to our idea of going beyond money and entering the realm of assets. Sometimes, the most valuable thing isn’t cash but shares.

Your skillful, reliable friend wants to go into business. Why not have an agreement (that’s legally bound) and help out? Your paltry 5k investment could become 15k, 15k could become 30k, 30k could become 90k and you get the picture.

Instead of waiting for the next MMM, how about you invest in an industrious Friend, Fan or Family member?

Next time you receive an alert, don’t get too excited. Because finance isn’t about what’s in the bank, it’s about what you do with what’s in the bank. It’s not about working for money. It’s about making money work for you.

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