Ladies, It’s Time To Celebrate!

So he finally proposed and you went out on a drink with your friends, forgetting that the proposal might be beautiful but the journey can be tough. This is a major reason you should go into your praying corner and give thanks.

Prepare for the battle ahead, by closing all barriers to marital woes and opening doors to marital bliss. Yes, having a drink with your girls is cool, no doubt about that. But in your celebration, give room to celebrate with the ONE who made it happen. Converse with HIM, thank HIM and thank HIM more for the wisdom HE will give you to have a peaceful marriage.

What about when you got that job or that promotion you have been praying for, how did you celebrate it? Did you go all out to get delicious donuts and cakes for colleagues, friends and family? Yes o! And in that order, cause we forget what is important in that moment of happiness. That is why we just mutter a ‘thank you Lord’ and forget.

We fail to realize this is the time we close the door, shut ourselves in for hours thanking HIM and seeking HIS wisdom to prosper in the job.

You found out you were pregnant after 5 years of marriage and your celebration involves going out to a candle light dinner with hubby, after which you go all out with a big time baby shower, just saying every now and then, ‘we thank God’ when people ask.

My dear, that kind of celebration is done in the inner chambers of your praying room, taking hours to meditate on various ways to say thank you Lord, because the journey just began.

Thank You for a beautiful baby and safe delivery, thank You for making me a mom, for making hubby a dad, thank You for the growth of the baby, teach me to be a good parent, a good wife as the stress is about to double.

Who are we kidding ladies?! We know it takes God’s wisdom to keep our home, groom our home, keep our sanity and be a good wife, mother, sister and colleagues/boss.

So in this month of #August, let’s kick our heels aside and dance for the victory we are about to win as the year rounds up, for HE has done it for us and we will spend the time, alone in our rooms, thanking HIM for all His marvelous works in our life.

Give him at least 3 hours spent in praise, in worship, in thanksgiving. Don’t sweat the hours, you can break them up, the most important thing is to spend time with HIM.
We will thank HIM all through till the end of the year!

So tell me babe, how are you thanking HIM today?

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