Life Of An Entrepreneur

“Entrepreneurs live few years of their lives like most people won’t so they can spend the rest of their lives like most people won’t” – Anonymous. Today’s topic is a shout out to all entrepreneurs out there, a reminder that you’re not alone in the hustle.

‎The life of an entrepreneur is like that of the proverbial- sweet & sour. A mix of happiness, sadness, anger, frustration, lack, plenty etc.

After trying so hard to build his business, Lekan considered the option of abandoning the business and possibly picking up a regular job. ‎He had given his business his best shot, or so he thought and everything was still not just “jelling”. ‎His frustration was heightened by the accumulating bills; staff salaries, imprest, logistics, medicals, insurance and the list goes on and on.

‎Like Lekan, most entrepreneurs never really took time to do a business plan. They did more of either modeling the business after a business model they’d seen around or they just did ‘pay as you go’; here you learn the ropes in the business and make adjustments and corrections as you go. ‎Many entrepreneurs jumped into business after having an “entrepreneural seizure”. They were just fascinated by the propensity to make money.

The truth is that your life never remains the same. Business is all you think about now from the moment you wake up to the end of the day. Life becomes more about how to deliver on this idea or conclude on that deal. Everything’s become a roller coaster of commercial activities.

You were surprised to find out that it takes more than passion to keep going; your staying power is being tested by your resolve and determination. You have to take charge of your freedom to deliver value for people at a cost anyway – the destiny of an entrepreneur. You have to deal with the reality of no salary pay cheque at month end. It’s the blues of self employment.

As an entrepreneur, greed will hurt you badly if you don’t control it. Focus on your team and help them grow with you. Consistent cross checking of your vision with your daily tasks and routine must become a way of life.

Each day is a challenge in itself. You’re faced with new problems, new tasks, new opportunities to provide solutions etc. You can’t afford to be bored, disillusioned and confused. You’ll have to be self motivated for the sake of your team. Your natural tendency as an entrepreneur should be to not think impossibility.

Entrepreneurs carry their crew along to achieve desired objectives with input from the team. He/She “Captains” the business.

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