Love Is A Beautiful Thing

Flaky as her friends call her was a strong-willed lady; She hardly let her emotions get the best of her. Until she met Godwin. A tall ambitious good-looking man. He was her colleague but that didn’t stop feelings from growing. She could not help her emotions; the butterflies in her tummy and the goofy eyes when their eyes locked. She looked forward to each day, looked forward to work just to see him again… to behold his smile.

She was smitten. She lost total control of herself and did unimaginable things to please him. She cried when he picked on her and blushed when he praised her. No one could understand how easily she changed.

We all, sometime in our lives, have fallen this deeply for a man but it’s always fatal when he doesn’t love you back. Imagine having that feeling reciprocated? Or “when you do not even send the man” but He loves you still. Imagine Him going all out to literally die for you, to show you how much He cares for you, how much He LOVES YOU! Now imagine loving Him back, the feeling you get, knowing you love and you are loved back. Knowing that no matter what, even when you go wrong He loves you still and forgives you.

Just imagine having the butterflies and goofy eyes for GOD! Imagine loving him almost as much as He loves you. The peace you will have, the unfathomable joy you will feel, day in day out, without a care in the world.

Even in times of trouble, you will know no worries, be rest assured, you have someone taking care of it for you. The good thing about HIS love is that it is contagious. You start passing the love round and everyone feels it in you. His love is not selfish so don’t enjoy it alone, pass it round; to family, to friends, to foes! Yes, to foes, ‘cause His love is filled with forgiveness. So when you love Him, you love others and forgive plus forget.

I encourage you today, to embrace His love. It is all around you and He doesn’t care about your past or present. He cares about your future, he wants you to be happy, fulfilled and SAVED!.

Join us today and share in His everlasting love, remember to pass it on. If you need to know more about His love, then write to us we will be glad to chat with you.


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