Loving Your Spouse

Hello Ladies, and the men that love them, and welcome to #WomanWednesday. Today, we conclude our theme on Stewardship with “Loving your Spouse”. Please remember that stewardship means service & care. In other words, really expressing LOVE.

Typically, in a spousal relationship you love, show affections, serve, exchange, cohabit with your husband. No matter what your circumstance is, you are expected to be pleasant and provide ‘wifely services’ to your man. But more often than not, one spouse appears to bear the bulk of the home services part of stewardship. These includes:

  1. Family hygiene: a clean house.
  2. Provisions: grocery & other family wares.
  3. Catering: the sweet aroma that serenades the home, ensures a full tummy, and ‘finger-licking’ goodness.
  4. Chauffeur: One spouse may not have the ‘drive-gene’ & the other enjoys the driving monopoly.

Opportunities for spousal stewardship abound in your private marital cocoon, the key word being ‘PRIVATE’. Understand your spouse’s needs. Spousal stewardship does not really have definite perimeters once you are married. You just have to show up positively for each other anywhere & everywhere, no matter the circumstances.

Spousal stewardship is the biggest full time job ever, but you don’t get or expect payment for it. However, whatever the regime is in your relationship, as a spouse, mutuality is key to your strength & success. The ‘happily ever after’ story comes with a lot of sacrifice, forbearance, humility & friendship between the spouses. Notwithstanding the scope of your services to your spouse, the ingredients of purpose & love are key.

The Good Book, The Bible, places purpose of spousal stewardship beyond us, that we should do it “as unto the Lord”. In your marriage, you need to be selfless in words & deeds, expect no reward but treat him as you would treat the Lord.

Of course, submission by wife & love by husband is mandatory & indispensable. Mutual submission means to serve one another. We date, we love, we become espoused. Stewardship to each other oils the wheels of these stages of a relationship.

Remember the attention you gave to your looks & responses to him when you were dating & how nice he was in turn. That was a great foundation you laid at the wooing stage & must never be thrown away to build on another pedestal. Spousal relationship is a two-way traffic that is cemented as one by love. You cannot have it otherwise.

Without love & commitment, forget it. You do not have the key elements to keep you together forever. One spouse bearing the entire burden of stewardship results in emotional burnout and/or redundancy in the other spouse. Be wise.

Therefore, spousal relationship requires sharing, relating with each other without specific boundaries. It is more than the case of iron sharpening iron. It is indeed throwing the diamonds in the mix without reservations. The spouse throws it all into the mix for mutual benefits only expecting the other’s satisfaction, no ‘me’ or ‘I’.

Ladies, let’s make it a point to truly express love (in all its ramifications) to our spouses. Good seeds sown. Have a fab day and show love to another woman around you! Hugs!

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