Made For More

Deji stood in front of the mirror for the tenth time. He knotted his tie again looking for any signs of imperfection; he had spent almost an hour getting ready for work. He will be attending his first management meeting today and God knows how long he had been looking forward to this very moment! This is what he has been praying for and gradually working towards. He allowed his mind to wander five years back as he remembered the first day he stepped into E&A Oil & Gas LTD.

The gentle knock on his door drew him out of his thoughts; his driver asking him if he could take his briefcase and personal belongings to the car. Deji let him take his other belongings while he carried the book he was currently reading. Reading was one of his weapons in his pursuit to the top. He tidied up his dressing, picked up his phone and only when he was finally seated comfortably in his new official car, did he allow his mind to wander back again to his journey to the top, it all started five years ago.

Then, he had an OND in Computer Science and the terrible situation of the Nigerian economy made it difficult for him to use the certificate to secure a job. When his friend informed him that E&A was recruiting, he gladly took his CV to the Agency that was recruiting for them. “We are actually recruiting for the position of cleaners for them, the consultant told him.”
“I don’t mind” he responded without thinking. “Anything is fine as long as it puts food on my table.”

He knew he was destined for the top, but he didn’t mind starting from where he was – the cleaning job. He continued his study immediately; even though the journey was rough, he didn’t let his background or financial status stop him. He went back for his HND in Information Technology on a part-time basis. He struggled financially and devoted the little time he had from work to study. He embarked on personal development through the reading of various business books and attending seminars/training just to prepare himself for the next opportunity.

When he was done with his HND, he presented his certificate to the HR Manager and jokingly told her he was ready for the next level. Although she laughed, he never knew she took it to heart until the day she interviewed him for the position of the Office Assistant, a job he later got. It was better than what he had before but he still wasn’t going to settle for it. He hungered and longed for more, even as he made himself relevant where he was. He proved to the management that there was more to him than just being the Office Assistant.

He was always going to the I.T department to make his little contribution. He asked questions and did more research when the answers he got were not satisfactory. He placed himself in Mr Denuro’s (the I.T Manager) good books as someone that has passion for the job.

When there was an opening in the logistics department, he was the first point of call for the HR manager. “I know you can do it, just stay here pending when we can fit you into the I.T department.” She told him.

Femi and Ekene whom he started with, still worked as cleaners in the same company. “How did you do it?” they ask the same question anytime they have the opportunity of gisting with him. “We earned the same salary and started work the same day.”

“I set my goals and I pursued them. I look at every task as doable. Just be focused, set your goals, pursue them with all tenacity, don’t forget that determination today leads to success tomorrow. You don’t have to be complacent here, we are made for more.”

Two years ago, there was an opening in the IT department and once again, he was the first point of call. She had always admired his tenacity. She was still his biggest fan and encourager. The IT manager was relocating with his family, there was reshuffling in the department and he was brought in as an executive. Mr Denuro was confident that he will perform and rise to the top in no time. A few months later the new manager also got another job and he was once again shifted up as another reshuffling took place.

“Welcome sir” the security man greeted him. He smiled as he alighted from the car. He smiled at one of the new cleaners (his former friends had left the company). He went straight to his new office, knelt down and thanked God for the journey so far. He got this far because he not just hungered for more, he also worked to achieve more. He tells his story every now and then to encourage the youths in his vicinity. Keep dreaming, the vision is not bigger than you.

What do you think are your challenges in getting to the top? Drop a comment let us discuss it and find a way forward. You are destined to be the head.

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