Made For More?

She is a phoenix, rising out of the ashes of devastation and chaos created by family and friends. She is “Wonder Woman” rescuing the needy from their helpless situation; a beacon of hope.

She is the female version of Bill Gates sitting at the top of the Empire she has built creating employment, taking tough decisions, spreading wealth and putting smiles on people’s faces. She is standing before a sea of people showing them the way to go like a modern day Moses, leading by example.

These and many more are the images that a woman sees about herself yet she feels constrained by the dictates of society. ‘It is a man’s world’ goes the popular saying yet the Bible says, “The earth is the Lord’s and its fullness thereof…”

Man was made first and he named everything so he must be superior; the Bible says, “God took a rib from his side and made a woman” and that “He made them male and female”. Where is it written that a woman’s place is in the kitchen? Even Deborah went to war with the men and secured Israel a victory (Judges 4:4-24). While Jacob not only prepared porridge for Esau, he also cooked for his father (Genesis). Someone said her place is in the “Other room.” He forgot that it takes two to tango and that he is also useless in that room without her.

When the men were out fighting during the World Wars (in a war caused by them anyway), women took over the factories and made the bullets and weapons that the men used to win the war. Who can confine a woman into a mould? Who can define what she should do or where she should be anyway?

The One who made her says of her – “This is good.” He says of her, “you are beautifully and wonderfully made”.

Woman, what mould have you allowed yourself to be kept in? While it is a joyful thing to be a wife and a mother, never forget that even as a single woman, you can bring joy to all around you. Never forget that you have dreams and ambitions that the Lord put in you to fulfil so that some other destinies will be liberated.

Woman, the Lord has made you for so much more than the society can fathom or define. Fit yourself into God’s mould not society’s and be free.

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