Make Your Dreams Happen

There is something, someone and somewhere you can be other than where and who you are right now. There is a level you should be at and where you deserve to be at today.

You really should take cognizance of a simple divine fact: that you are not a cosmic accident, neither did you just happen by the wave of a magic wand. No magical power in the universe can achieve you. You are a deliberate work of a never-wrong master creator who has loaded you with great dreams.

However, who you are in life and what you become really depends on that fellow called YOU! It starts with and from YOU. What choices have you made, what or who do you want to become?

You need to know that YOU were not designed to fail. If you swim, you realize that YOU were designed to float. Except you allow fear, when you focus and are determined to get to the other end of the pool, YOU must make it there.

Tell yourself what YOU want to achieve. Have a dream to do or become something you believe you’re cut out for.

Remember there is no limit to what YOU can achieve if you dream, believe it and determine to see it happen. We cannot overstate the fact that if YOU can dream it, YOU can achieve it. It is a given! It’s all about YOU, but you have to keep at what your dream is. Relentlessly keep at it even when you think you have hit the end of the road. There will be boos and jeers as you stagger to stand in your dream and some encouragements too, but it takes you only to keep at it and get to your desired destination. No one can make it happen for you.

Definitely no one can see it like you see it, that is, the vision that motivates you and that you press on to.

Consider great achievers. No one achieved greatness on their behalf. It’s their achievement with their names stamped on it eternally. You’re already on course to your dream since the day you told yourself you’re going to get that job.

Since the day you told yourself you’re going to be excellent in what you do, YOU are achieving that feat. Yes, YOU are. You told yourself YOU would be great in that relationship. Hold on to your dreams.

That tiny spark of thought YOU have to change the world around you is a dream that only you can make happen. Only YOU can achieve it, in good or bad conditions. Your greatness is not determined by your circumstances but by your dream.

No matter where You have been or are coming from, HAVE A DREAM and see it through.


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