Making Metamoney Moves

Susan is more than your average babe, she is a chicpreneur making big-time money moves.

With a successful fashion boutique and an upcoming food service brand, she’s ticking all the right boxes. But is she playing to win?
We’re at the start of Q4 2018 and Susan, as usual, is reviewing the books with her trusted accountant and advisor. As a bonafide SME CEO, she is what we women would call goals, an inspiration to us all.

“Emeka, I see the figures and they look good. But something is not right. We must find a way to gain even more profits, abi what do you think?”, Susan was agitated, feeling cheated almost. In her 5-year plan, she had expected to be at a greater position in both the business and her personal accounts by now. Not like money was leaking, but it wasn’t multiplying as exponentially as she desired.

Sandra was an ambitious young lady, but quite level-headed. She believed in the power of hard AND smart work, with divine assistance, of course. You could say she had ‘paid her dues’.

“You’re right Susan, if we want to take this enterprise international, we need more cash flow: more funds coming in. Have you thought about investments?” Emeka asked. He had been her trusted financial advisor for over 4 years. “Hmm, I don’t know o. I don’t want to plug my money in some get-rich-online scheme and come back to you crying a few months later. Neither do I rely on fancy bank accounts that will just sit on my money for long tenures at the usual low-interest rates”.

Susan was a shrewd businesswoman, someone who had started the hustle since secondary school. She wasn’t as privileged as her classmates back then, so she knew the value of wise money decisions. On top of that, she was currently the bread-winner of her orphaned family of 5. Her siblings depended on her for school fees, allowances, food, and transportation. She wasn’t about to pour money down the drain.

“No Susan, that’s definitely not what I mean. Don’t you trust me after all these years”, Emeka asked. “I’ve done my background research and I would only advise you based on sound scientific parameters.”

“Alright, I’m listening. What do we do to make the money in S2K holdings work for us? I’m hoping to open 2 boutiques in Abuja in 2019 and I want to be on solid ground, even have a channel for profitably saving the anticipated returns”. “That’s my girl! You need to start thinking equity and assets. The cars, rented properties and equipment are all liabilities. Let’s look into land that we can buy, build on and even rent out to other businesses. For short-term turnovers, I would suggest Treasury Bills”.

“Did you know that in 2017 alone, some of Nigeria’s biggest banks made an astonishing N451 billion by simply investing in Treasury Bills? That’s enough to get me digging deeper!” Emeka went on.

As Susan listened and considered her options, she thought: ‘how many other entrepreneurs were thinking like this – that is, looking past the immediate profits and deciding on making meta-money moves’. How many women, in general, had access to the right information and developed a mindset that was higher than petty trading with their businesses and looked to play in the big leagues?

It’s time to move on up, don’t you think? Ladies, let’s get our finances in order, strategize and realign our careers, businesses and investments for the long haul, rather than being stuck on hustling to restock our wardrobes for December events and Owambes.

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