Managing Your Time

Time is a beautiful gift from God just like the ‘gift of life’. It’s a revealer & a healer. Our time is allotted to us daily – brand new & loaded, and we are expected to maximize it. Because we were created in the image & likeness of the infinite God, we are designed to be infinite too like Him. We were made for more in imagination & creativity, gifted with enormous abilities and potentials. He has designed that we achieve more within our limited time, changing our world rapidly with our abilities.

Yes! Our daily allocation of 24 hours is limited, unchangeable, but by our actions/inactions, we can either extend or reduce it. For the very busy executives, time is never enough to cover all our daily tasks and responsibilities. We soon also realize that everything seems important and all are trying to grab our attention whether important or not. The more successful you are, the less time you have; hence the reason to learn time management skills.

A very successful mentor once said he paid to learn how to read books faster; he wanted to read more despite his schedule. What a price to pay to be more effective & productive! He’ll therefore remain successful and relevant.

So, time management is the deliberate attempt to control & plan your time around specific tasks so as to achieve more. A good handle on one’s time enables you to work smarter and get more done in less time.

As a busy executive, you have to learn to leverage time to your advantage so you’ll be more productive. People who have mastered their time management skills achieve more and are more successful. Spend less time gisting & gossiping. I once visited a public hospital and saw some staffs watching TV during working hours.

God created time and then stepped out of it. So, He cannot be limited or contained by time.

Here are some divine tips to managing your time effectively.

  • Set clear daily goals, prioritize the goals, break all down and allot time to each in order of importance.
  • Schedule routine activities by the day, week and month. When your reminders pop up, do not snooze or procrastinate.
  • Batch similar tasks for the day, avoid unnecessary distractions such as gossip, social media, loitering, etc.
  • Use a ‘to-do list’ daily, in line with your weekly or monthly goals; give or take a few minutes of lapses.
  • Avoid doing OPW (Other People’s Work) at your expense. Learn to say no and delegate when necessary.
  • Allot time for your relationships whether you’re married or not. Prioritize your family and also schedule self-care.
  • Don’t make it a lifestyle to take work home. Leave your work in the workplace so as to maintain a work-life balance.

We hope with today’s message, your time would be spent more judiciously & productively.

Do have a great day.

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