Manipulation Vs Influence In The Workplace

Street-smart, tech-savvy charmer, Dolapo is on the hot seat. Will his ‘influence’ make room for him?

Dolapo looked at his watch in trepid excitement. The meeting would begin in 45 minutes… so much ground to cover before then! It was important that the management team arrived at a positive evaluation of all his work in the last 6 months.

He dug up his phone and texted Mr George with concerned pleasantries, using style to remind him of the favour he had rendered 2 months ago when Georgina, his daughter was in the hospital. Dolapo looked around the cafeteria, picking up a cup of coffee, specially brewed for Teni. She was the youngest in the management team, but still very influential. He had to ensure that her last thoughts of him were favorable… he figured women are moved by emotions.

The wild card, though, was Nkoyo. She was the mystery Strategy Director, never letting her guard down in her reactions, always being a hard nut for Dolapo to crack. He wondered, what was her weak spot? Is there any way to influence her vote in his favour?

15 minutes more, no need to dilly-dally. He looked over his notes and the appraisal form he had filled. Dolapo was a charmer, the people-person, highly influential. In his mind, there was no chance he would be denied a promotion! After all, PTee had defined Influence as the capacity to have an effect on the character, development or behavior of something or someone and in this case, Dolapo banked on his truck load of influence in this office. Upward always!

What he didn’t know, however, was that Yomi had already disclosed his poor performance on that small government project to Nkoyo and Nkoyo was sure that no one with such lack of accountability could lead the business development of this firm. Dolapo didn’t also connect the dots between Sarat’s evaluation of his time management skills and Mr George’s delivery cycle. So many variables had fallen through the cracks, Dolapo might not be as influential as he thought!

What Dolapo also forgot was that, in the workplace, your work will always speak for itself. It may take a while, but what is hidden will always come to the light. Positive influence needs inherent capacity… not just talk and charm. What value are you actually bringing to the table? His wife, Sally, had told him to take a better, more honest look at his appraisal form this morning, but that advice had been brushed off. Halfway through this management appraisal meeting, things became clearer and clearer.

Just when he thought it wouldn’t get any worse, Teni, who he thought was in his corner, brought up the results of their last strategy meeting with the downstream sector client and how she believed Dolapo could have done better in the presentation.

What do you think would be the result of Dolapo’s appraisal? Did you agree with his methods of swaying the vote his way? People of #TieThursday would love to hear from you…

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