Market Place Credibility

IT&T and HubIT opened shop the same day. They offered the same products and services and drew the same number of clientele, that was 5 years ago. Today, IT&T’s clientele is depleting while HubIT’s is increasing. Dayo, the MD of IT&T is at a loss on what to do and couldn’t really pinpoint the reason why clients were leaving his firm. He paid a visit to his adviser.

“Credibility is the quality of being trusted and believed in. I have been following you closely for some time and I have discovered that you have created a culture of untrustworthiness in the organization.”

Dayo looked perturbed; a culture of untrustworthiness? How did he let things slip? He always thought he was a man of his word. Thinking about the work culture of his employees, he realized that truly, he had dropped the ball on countless occasions without thinking of the consequences. Jobs that were not delivered on, deadlines that were not met, shoddy jobs that were not redone even when paid for, etc.

Credibility starts from the moment your client lays eyes on you. They say the first impression matters a lot. There is a perception that someone gets from the first moment they meet you. Five minutes into having a conversation with you, that perception is either reinforced or jettisoned.

Credibility starts, not with your own business but sometimes, as far back as your old school days. Most times, your first clients are family, friends or people you have worked with or worked for before. What is the first thing that comes to their minds when your name is mentioned? That is credibility.

“How then do I change that? How do I improve the credibility of my organization?” he asked

First, you have to be deliberate about the perception you want to create. It does not really start from the organization; it starts with you as an individual. Never underestimate the power of your appearance because perception comes through, even from the way you look. Deals have been sealed just by the appearance of the client.

Next, be focused on your line of industry. Get knowledge about the business you are doing. Strive to create 5 times more value than your competitors. This further helps to reinforce your credibility.

Third, as you develop your products/services, strive to keep your promises. People may not remember the words you said, they will, however, never forget the way you made them feel. If you fail in your product/service offering, try to apologize and make amends as quickly as possible.

Fourth, remember that whatever you do today, it goes a long way into shaping your future so be deliberate about the little things. Cross the ‘T’s, dot the ‘I’s and keep your word. Never forget that in our world today, competitive advantage is not driven by how much resources you control, but by how much you can access.

Dealing with a company with a bad reputation can leave a sour taste in one’s month. Please share your experiences of dealing with a company that has a bad reputation. Perhaps, your company was able to change their perception from bad to good? If yes, kindly share how this was achieved in the comments section.

Strive to make a good impression this week.

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