Market Place Glitters And Flukes

The traffic jam that Monday morning was epic. Horns were blaring, nerves were pumping, Danmole was listening to the newspaper reviews to calm himself down. “This Lagos #wahala” he thought. He was almost at his destination anyway. He was scheduled to meet with the SwisPlat team in Oregun. As a Business Development Manager, he’s seeking alternative investments to shore up his company’s revenue.

A friend had hinted him about SwisPlat and how he made over 💯% ROI. Danmole has been excited since he got wind of the possibility. He knew capitalism was on crack, but he didn’t know it was this much. Danmole always suspected that lucky breaks were just around the corner, it never crossed his mind that the corner was just Oregun. He arrived almost on time at SwisPlat office.

“Not bad” he said to himself when he viewed SwisPlat office location and set up, “they are apparently doing great for themselves”. He was ushered into the boardroom to meet with the Chief Marketing Officer. Of course, the Chief Marketing Officer was a sales man. He had an answer ready for every question. The ROI will be 💯% per month in certain cases. SwisPlat’s item of trade was gold bullion with a domicile in Switzerland. The information was so much for Danmole to handle but he was trying to piece them all together. It sounded too good to be true but the CMO has shared some evidence with him.

It’s sounding so ‘ponzi’, red-flags were going off in Danmole’s head, but look at it from the positive perspective: its an opportunity of a lifetime. Take the risk short term and back out after the first 💯% when it’s still safe and calm. Danmole collected the required forms, short-term was beeping on his radar so he would advise his business to go with that. 💯% ROI can do a whole world of good at a time like this and he’s certain some bonus will happen for him because of this idea.

Back at the reception, on his way out, there was a bit of raucous, a couple was demanding access into SwisPlat offices. “I need my money today! Give us our money!! Stop this charade!!! It’s 3 months and you’re still telling us stories!$&@? Come today, come tomorrow”. The pretty lady with the man at the reception went on and on, enraged as a result of the disappointment. Danmole was aghast with amazement at this turn of events, but he CLEARLY took the raucous as a harbinger of good tidings. Danmole looked at the envelope with the SwisPlat registration forms in his hand, “this is not the risk I want to take”. He dropped the envelope on the waiting room table and gently eased out of SwisPlat to his car. He couldn’t thank God enough for the great deliverance.

“Wow! With all the glitter and shine? Or didn’t I get the information right? I was so sober when the SwisPlat story was going on”. Danmole felt like a bird that just found freedom now running wild and free.

Danmole just learnt some lessons:

  1. Fundamentals of the company he’s investing in must be clear
  2. Red flags must not be overlooked
  3. The company must not be a fluke or ‘ponzi’ scheme
  4. Seek expert opinions on the investment targets

Danmole has also learned that he must not rely on information gathered from the boardroom of the target company as the basis of his decision to invest. He knows better now to have well investigated information prior to investment.

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