Maximizing The Seasons As Women

Women, they say, make the best entrepreneurs but we don’t always make the richest. One reason, I believe, is that we analyze a lot and hardly take risks in a whimper. But imagine the kind of dynasties we’d build if we did!

Opportunities can be tricky, we can never tell if it’s the right or wrong one and when you think about it too much, you miss out on it.

We must understand God’s promises to us. It helps us see opportunities when they arise. When we seek His wisdom, we know when to seize and maximize chances, and walk through the right open doors.

Some are lucky and the opportunity will come around again while others aren’t. God loves us and wants the best for us but it’s left to us to realize this and embrace it.

Yes, it’s good to be deliberate and careful, but sometimes doubt is the reason for the hesitation. With faith, all things are possible, haha, yeah I know, but isn’t God faith?

To believe in God is to have faith in His existence and as such, you trust in the God that brought the opportunity your way and seize the moment. This is to have faith that the outcome will be the outcome you desire and work towards.

In business and/or in career, what opportunities are staring at you in the face? What problems in your industry have you identified that you are uniquely qualified (based on knowledge, skill or personal experience) to solve? Is there a ready market for a product you uncommonly have access to? Don’t be scared of either failure OR success!

So the next time you have second thoughts about an opportunity that comes your way, remember: faith moves mountains and faith means you trust that it was God-sent.

Seize the moment, maximize your potential and be the great woman God has ordained you to be.

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Enjoy your #WomanWednesday!

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