Me And My Finances Give Tithe

Aisha looked around the office, her colleagues, bosses and even husband-to-be, Jaiye (a story for another time), were working at their desks. “The hustle is real”, she thought, as she reflected on the message she heard last Sunday on tithing.

The principles were simple, give 10% of your income, ‘cos that’s what is due to God, give offerings and your finances will be alright.

Easy, right?

So why was she struggling with the idea? There is just something about waking up at 5 am and getting home at 11 pm, that made giving so much seem unfair. Alas! Maybe that is where the problem is, as tithes are supposed to go to God, not a particular person/institution or does God have a bank account?

Her head spun with questions, as Jaiye strolled towards her. She smiled, but he knew her well enough to ask, “what’s up? You look worried.”

As she explained the issue to him, he had a curious smile on his face. “Your concerns are valid, but let me ask you a question… When a farmer plants a seed, does he tell the ground what to do with it? His job is to provide the enabling conditions to allow the seed to grow. Much like a seed, our tithe is sown in the ground (our church) and we provide an enabling environment (living and investing right) to allow our seed grow.”

“Before you ask about people misusing these funds, let me answer your question; it’s okay to request for accountability, but gossip and trial-by-press is not the best way to get answers. Study what the word says about tithing, walk up to your leader and ask questions. Learn as much as you can about how the principle works, before you contest its merits.”

“Can we pay tithe to a different church? Or do I have to split it between mine and the other? What do you think?”

Jaiye leaned over and whispered, “I don’t have all the answers, and God knows I struggle with some principles. However, I always cross-check what I am told, with what the Word says.”

Kingdom principles are documented and backed by examples for a reason; if in doubt, check it out.

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