Miracle Job

Do you believe in destiny, fate… or that seemingly unrelated things could just be coincidences working out for your good? Read on for Dora’s testimony on today’s #ThankfulThursday.

Dora had been out of a job for more than a year and had almost given up searching. She had lost hope. She was one of those that had been relieved of employment in that fateful bank retrenchment exercise of 2016.

Looking back on that exact day, she actually believed her entire life had ended. It’s a wonder how she has survived a full 15 months! It could only be God, really. That’s a major testimony. But that’s not really today’s #ThankfulThursday story.

Dora is 100% sure that she didn’t come across WhiteOlive by chance. It must have been divinely orchestrated.

You see, she only attended a WhiteOlive service for the first time a few weeks ago. That’s where her destiny turned around dramatically and it’s been amazing, because, after being jobless for so long, she still believed in the God of miracles.

She extended her faith and walked up to the Lead Pastor, Tunde Adisa, and told him about her situation. They prayed together and agreed that her heart’s desire – a lucrative job – would be granted in the name of Jesus.

Dora remained steadfast in positive expectation and that hope was not disappointed. God made good His promise in Matt 18:19. The prayer of agreement had come to life, and in just a week!

Dora got the call she had been waiting for…

So, it’s really been a #ThankfulThursday. Today, she gives all the glory to God and is very grateful for the gift of God to the body of Christ.

You would agree with us that that was an amazing testimony! We are extremely excited to experience such in WhiteOlive.

Do you have any testimony of your’s to share? Testimonies encourage others and builds everyone’s faith. Please email us today at testimony@whiteolive.org
We would love to hear from you and also share here on #ThankfulThursday.


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