Miracle Of Recovery

A friend and brother of mine engaged me to help buy a vehicle for him from USA and ship to Nigeria. I bought the vehicle, paid up for it and handed it to a shipper to deliver in Lagos, Nigeria. I used the shipper’s tracking number to follow the progress of the vehicle to Lagos.

When the ship arrived after one month, the shipper, instead of sending a “bill of lading” to clear through Customs in Lagos, reported that the vehicle was impounded at the point of being loaded onto the ship. The shipper said the vehicle was flagged as a recovered stolen vehicle but we were never informed until when we expected to receive the bill of lading to clear the vehicle in Lagos.

So much promise of delivery had been made to the owner only for my expectations to be suddenly dashed. Another of my good friends and I even went to the extent of negotiating to buy another vehicle in Apapa, Lagos in order to replace the missing vehicle for the customer.

The location of the impounded vehicle was unknown when my friend who works with me on such purchases in the US and I started investigating the matter. We eventually discovered that the vehicle was previously reported and recorded by the Police as stolen, it was recovered and put up for sale after which I bought it. But due to administrative oversight in reporting/record keeping, the status of the vehicle was not changed from stolen to recovered.

To God’s glory, the misunderstanding was resolved after several weeks (about two months) of Police and shipping company engagement. We were eventually directed to pick up the vehicle somewhere in Houston. The vehicle got to my house exactly 12th of January 2018 after it was purchased sometime in July 2017.

We kept praying and did very little worrying even though we were concerned. Thanks to Jehovah for His grace that we did not lose the car neither did the great floods of Houston affect it.

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