Modelling Creativity

TEXT: 1 Kings 4:29 and 1 Peter 4:10

By your inherent design and God’s investment in your life, it is impossible for you to fail in every aspect/area of your life at the same time. Impossible because God never created a failure! Even with your disabilities/weaknesses, something is designed to work for you.

You will find what works for you in Jesus name!

What’s designed to work for you is your creative genius. Your life cannot rise beyond the quality of the information you’re working with… You become a professional in your field by the amount and quality of information you’ve received. Remember the principle that says action and reaction are equal and opposite, garbage in-garbage out? A man cannot rise beyond the quality of his thoughts or ingestion. The quality of your physical and spiritual being is absolutely dependent on the quality of your intake – food for the belly and revelation for your spirit.

What kind of information have you been feeding on?

What’s programming you?

The Word of God is the real information. It’s written that man shall not live by bread “alone” (Matthew 4:4). You need both bread and the Word i.e. revelation or insight. The bread feeds your body – your “casing”, and the Word feeds the real you – your spirit (1 Peter 2:1-2), there is milk, meat and bone in the word. There are information, facts and or revelation in the word of God.

Apostle Paul observed in Galatians 2:7-10 that they noticed he was getting results in a particular area of his ministry. Paul said “He who worked in me …” is the same working in Peter. Creativity is a collaboration between humanity and divinity. Many are operating outside of their area of grace. They pay unnecessary attention to other people’s gift in operation than theirs. Paul said “I magnify my gift/office” (Romans 11:13 (NKJV/MSG)).

In our previous sessions (please refer to Exodus 31), we said God actually anoints people to be engineers, nurses, musicians, fashion designers, brand specialists, teachers, cleaners, farmers, traders, ICT experts, dancers, broadcasters, leaders, administrators, etc. Recall also that we learnt that greatness is a rare commodity. Everyone can be great but not all will be great. You become great when you can pay the price and excel in that which you do. Anointed people are called influencers and authorities, marketplace ministers and they shall manifest new dimensions of signs and wonders in the last days.

There is the natural and supernatural manifestation. There is that which you do by your own effort and ability but there is also the one that God does through you. That is your purpose! There is an area of life where you get unusual results. If you’re smart, you’ll stay there. Peter who was timid converted people… (Acts 2 and 4). 1 Peter 4:10 says, “… each one has received a gift …”. The grace is the gift. You have a gift, use it and model it. You didn’t earn it, you can’t earn it. It was a gift.

How do you model creativity:

  1. Find your uniqueness and polish it. Give us your unique flavour (Matthew 5:13). “Paul says I magnify my gift” Romans 11:13.
  2. ‎Model integrity and courage. Your name is your greatest asset (Genesis 12) and your citizenship of God’s kingdom. You cannot afford to commit treason against the kingdom (Colosians 2:8).
  3. ‎Start from where you are, work hard & be diligent. Apostle Paul said “…I laboured more …” (1 Corinthians 15:10). David always returned from the palace to his father’s flock (see 1 Samuel 17:15 and 18:2,5,14).
  4. ‎Engage and impact your immediate environment. Don’t be a cemetery… Many have died without discovering, talk less of fulfilling their purpose. “Unleash your creativity”. Don’t allow this country squeeze you into its mold. David ‘served’ his generation (Acts 13:36).
  5. ‎Be the best at what you do and see what God will do. Learn to play to the area of your gifting and strength. No gift is inferior. Our world is waiting for your manifestation (Romans 8:19).

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