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  1. Seun says : Reply

    This deeply resonates with me, once you commit to paying an employee’s salary, his/her livelihood is directly dependent on you (especially for full time roles) and this indirectly ties the livelihood of all his/her dependents and their own dependents and so on to you.

    e.g.: Mr. Lagbaja is owed 100,000 by ABC Ventures, Mrs. Lagbaja expects to get 50,000 from her husband when she is paid as she wants to use 20,000 to expand her business, send 10,000 to her sick mother, 5,000 to her brother in the university and 5,000 to her pregnant friend. These people in turn plan to use the money to settle other commitments and so on and so forth.

    The moment Mr. Lagbaja isn’t paid; he and all the people under him suffer.

    1. Onome says : Reply

      Very nice illustration. I hope employers get to see the big picture and do the right thing by their employees.

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