My Faith and Market Place Socioeconomics

“I truly believe that it is our collective responsibility as Christian Leaders, to actively participate in socio-economic development in our society.” Dr Sam Adeyemi.

Some of us are lucky to live in neat cosy neighbourhoods, but some still bear the burden of living with noise, air and unsanitary conditions that make our villages relative paradise. The issue is, people of different faiths reside in these neighbourhoods. The paradisal surroundings or neighbourhoods were made by men and women who believed in the good life.

As much as it’s said that cleanliness is next to godliness, so we need to see the reflection in our drainage system, our fern and fauna management habits and participation in environmental improvement activities. You can start by checking the noise and emissions from your power generators impacting your neighbours.

The civil service is ‘famous’ as the least incorruptible in the public sector. The clerks, managers, directors, permanent secretaries stay on in the system and bring the politicians up to speed on everything: so the good, the bad and the secrets are properly harnessed and passed on to posterity. But we have people of faith as civil servants, can they shine their light and set standards that would impact the system positively?

You hear talks of the dirt in politics…, some people of faith still take the bull by the horns and vie for elected offices. Does their victory often douse their faith? Because often their pre-election stories change post-election and the socioeconomic impact expected through them are gone with the wind.

Believe it or not, there are fellowships and prayer places at police posts/stations actively used by the gentlemen and women in black or blue that kill/maim/terrorize innocent young people in the guise of security enforcement. Are the police really our ‘friend’? Do they engender a safe social system where businesses and investment thrive?

What Else?
Have you had an encounter with the customs and other government agencies? Their corruption no longer responds to faith or creed. The poverty and survival mindset has eroded every semblance of ethics, morality, faith or fear of God.

The immigration officer at the port of entry will shamelessly DEMAND or try to extort cash from you notwithstanding that children on the trip are looking right at them wondering why the delay. They will even say “tell your daddy/mummy to find us something”!!!

Where in this retrogression do we need to get to before we realize the need for a declaration of a state of emergency in the areas mentioned above? Even in our hospitals where medical ethics have gone down the drain, respect and priority of human lives are in the gutters.

Incidentally, we have men and women in these institutions who profess the existence of a creator of the humans they wilfully abuse, extort, kill and more just for selfish and greedy purposes.

The good news here is that the system can change for the good of all of us, but only if we change. We are the change agents the police, immigration, customs, civil service etc are waiting for. You are responsible for the status of your environment and the socioeconomic system.

Be the change you want to see. Tell us how you intend to make a difference in your sphere of influence…

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