My Spinderella Story

“Nosen!” I could hear Tony calling me, but my mind was very far away. We were in the delivery room and I was holding my new born son – however, I had wandered into the land of flashbacks.

When I was a little girl, I always dreamt of having it all – a great career, beautiful children (a boy and a girl), a loving husband (tall, dark, handsome and loaded of course!). As I grew older, the dreams became loftier – maybe becoming the first woman to do something amazing, marry one of the royals and have genius children (all before the age of…). If this is your reality, congratulations! You have my dream life. However, this is not my story; and you know what? I am very fine, ‘thank you’.

I grew up and experienced a few bumps along the way, school was good but not great. I met amazing friends that later became family. I graduated and went to serve (this one is a story for another day), survived on ‘allowee’ and the small business I was running (selling chinchin and baked items).

After NYSC, my dream job with the UN did not automatically appear. I had to develop myself, attend seminars/conferences and volunteer for community service. When I finally gained employment, I was trying so hard to get ahead – I literally forgot to have a social life. My relationship hit the rocks, as my ‘boo’ felt I spent too much time at work and not enough quality time with him. To add insult to injury; I was promoted, and my work-load doubled; I had to take certifications, get a second degree and all that – just to keep the job.

When I was ready to get married, I realized I had gone through 3 broken relationships and was with the fourth guy – just because I refused to settle (WATCH and pray). There was pressure from every angle, maybe I should accept a guy that cheats or taps my cheeks (I was forbidden to call them slaps), but I knew God had greater plans for me.

Then God sent me Tony; I am married to the most wonderful, loving and responsible man, he is light-skinned, tall and has a slight potbelly – very royal (Royal-priesthood). I have an amazing ‘ball of energy’, called ‘Josh’ he is 3 years old, and always finds creative ways to turn the house upside-down – he is a genius!. I am a Manager in my office, and run my bakery, as my side-hustle. I have the opportunity to mentor young professionals and help them navigate the maze called the workplace.

My story is not a fairy tale, not by a long shot! But… I am having a ball! Life is great and looking back, I realize that many of my experiences have led up to this moment. Indeed, I have enjoyed many Seasons of Grace! Welcome, my son, Oreofe.

What is your Cinderella or not-so-Cinderella story? Care to share? Drop a comment!

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