My Startup Story: AMA Creatives

Hi, I am Toby Adeyemo, a partner and co-founder of AMA Creatives – a vibrant and inventive learning tech brand who believes that learning should be fun, edutaining and accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any smart device.

My career profile is as straight as a jerry-curl; with over 10 years of experience combing IT, Learning Tech and HR. How? I worked in Server Management, IT Project Management, Networking Configuration and Management, Learning Management Systems, Recruitment Projects, Computer Based Assessment Administration and Assessment Centre Administration.

So, why quit a sure thing? Why risk it all?

About three years ago, the organization I used to work for started an eLearning department; as the Head of Tech Unit, I was thrown into the project. That was where I met my Partner, Demola, who was brought in to lead the team. I deliberately became his friend and he noticed my thirst to grow my skills in the field. While hanging out one day, he looked at me and said, “Hey Toby, now that you are getting good at this, would you like to earn extra cash with your newly acquired skill?”. I was excited, not just because of the extra cash (I mean who wouldn’t be excited about that?) but about the fact that an eLearning guru recognized my skills in the field and trusted me enough to share his personal projects with me.

As time went by, the personal projects started growing, which was when we knew that it was time to take our “PP” to the next level. Besides, we also seemed to have outgrown our place of employment and needed to explore our skills in a wider space. Although ready to start our own business, we did not want to join the bandwagon; instead, we wanted to use our skills to do something different. So, we did our research and decided to pick our battle in the interactive content conversion space, we took our time to build out processes, of which a huge part included an in-depth understanding of the learners, amongst other processes.

This being our driving force, we came together to start AMA Creatives.

In summary, the brand was birthed from the need to fully embrace the future of learning without limits. We envisioned the vast possibilities of eLearning that has the capacity to inspire top performance from all walks of life. For this reason, we focus carefully on delivering performance support to your learners. Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of corporate clients such as First Bank Nigeria, Sterling Bank, ARM, Leadway Group, ICS, Workforce, MacTay, amidst others.

Sounds like a fairytale, right? Wrong! Over the years, the business has had its ups and downs; but through it all, here are some of the lessons I have learnt:

  • Creating your niche is not necessarily reinventing the wheel, it’s simply the unique way you sell your skills
  • Do not stop challenging yourself – when you stop learning/growing, you start dying
  • Deliberately surround yourself with the right people that will help you grow – people can either boost or break your vision, choose wisely
  • Quality delivery attracts businesses – the best form of marketing is referral; let the quality of your work make you ‘referable’
  • Go ALL OUT to create value – I am usually the first to offer value, it’s not always about what you can get, what do you have to offer?
  • Clients and Customers own my time – as much as ‘me-time’ and personal space is important, the customer is king. Try to always remember that!
  • Even though the client is king, your clients are not God; so, don’t be scared to speak up. Show your clients respect, however, don’t compromise your values
  • Be alert and vigilant, rotten tomatoes are bad for business – rot and poison can spread fast so ‘nip it in the bud’. I do not let a bad employee corrupt other loyal staff. When hiring employees, attitude and competence are important; even though the first is more important.
  • The size of your company does not determine the quality of your output, the competence and commitment of your team do.
  • You don’t always need to agree with your partner(s) but always choose what’s best for the company
  • No regrets. Recount the losses, realize the lessons and apply them

Business Name: AMA Creatives
Address: 7, Adenubi Close, Off Majekodunmi street, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.
Instagram: @amacreatives
LinkedIn: AMA Creatives

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