My Xtraordinary Best Friend

Onome looked at herself in the mirror. It’s her wedding day, the happiest day of her life, yet the saddest one too. Today, she leaves her best friend, her hero of all-time and the only man who had ever truely been there for her – her dad.

Growing up as the last child and only girl in a family of four boys was quite interesting. While her brothers were helping mom in the kitchen, she was helping dad tune up the car engine. Onome’s childhood was idyllic and full of fun. She remembers always hanging around her dad whenever he came back from work. She was the only one permitted to eat with him even after she’d had her dinner. Saturdays and Sundays were her favourite days of the week because dad did not have to go to work. There was always something he wanted to do around the house and who was at his heels? Onome!

They were not super-rich but they were comfortable enough that their needs were always met. In Bible words, ‘they did not lack any good thing’. Her dad was the first person to know what happened to her in school. He was the first person to know she had started seeing her period! He bore the scars of her first heart breakup because she did not talk to him for almost three days, as if it was his fault. Until he took her out and they had a heart-to-heart about love and men and knowing herself that she forgave and moved on.

Dad was the one who would call her at the end of the day’s work and they would chat like long lost loves about anything and everything; from the over bearing boss to the guy in the corner office who wants to date her.

Over the years, her mom managed to infuse feminine wiles in her, enough to stop interfering in their relationship especially when she saw that it brought out the best in her. She remembered when his job was threatened, he confided in her and they prayed together. Way back then when she was just a little girl, he would tell her that her innocent heart made God answer their prayers faster.

A knock on the door meant it was time to step out and walk down the aisle. She could hear the bridal music as she stepped through the door. She took a deep breath, it was indeed time. Her father was there. She looked at the worn face she had loved over the years – her shoulder to cry on, the rock that stabilizes her, her protector, guide and guard, her confidant and late night movie BFF. He smiled at her, a smile she will never forget. She remembered how they conspired and played pranks on her husband to be; all that brought them to this point. She smiled back at him and they faced the church. Her smile became broader as she walked down the isle to be joined to the new hero in the new series of her life – Kunle.

We have men – fathers, uncles, brothers, friends who have made an impact in our lives one way or the other. Please share your story, as we celebrate Father’s Day this June.

Happy Father’s day!!!

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