Na Money Dey Rush Us

It’s a scene in an old Nollywood movie.

The guy meets the lady who is probably an old flame, someone he wooed back in the days on the street. He is surprised she isn’t married yet and wonders how he can help her ministry.

He blurts out “So you never marry?…. be say me sef don marry O, but you know fine boys like us we no dey too find girls…Na dem dey rush us ” 😁

This is the origin of the trendy new slang, “NA DEM DEY RUSH US”. Sometimes you don’t have to make things too churchy to make things work for you or to activate the blessings of GOD.

A simple word of the mouth (confessions: because as you know, the power of life; goodness, prosperity etc and death; failure, calamity – are in the tongue) can sometimes open the floodgates of God’s provisions.

Contrary to unpopular or popular opinion, you don’t have to speak Arabic, Hebrew or Greek, or quote the King James version of the Bible verbatim to confess goodness into your life. It can be as simple as having a renewed mindset and turning a pop culture gimmick to a Christ culture tool by confessing ‘NA MONEY DEY RUSH US’.

It might sound silly, people might take it as a joke but all it takes is for you to just hold unto it and key into it, think of yourself as an industrial magnet that attracts gold bars. Because according to God’s word, that is what you are, it is God that gives you the ability to amass wealth.

Saying this, people might begin to misquote and think it’s a lazy idea – God most definitely won’t want to help a lazy man. They are right. You need to be doing something God can bless.

Faith is backed up by works. Your faith isn’t in the work, but rather, the work is inspired by your faith. Imagine you knew for sure that you would have 10 billion dollars in your bank account next week (we can already hear you screaming “Amen, Hallelujah, I receive it!”)
That knowledge would probably inspire you to buy books on finance, entrepreneurship and investment schemes. You would probably start to carry yourself differently. You would manage your time better, and only do things that are efficient because you are preparing yourself for the grand stewardship to come. Well, this scenario is exactly how faith works, faith is knowing that it is even when you can see that it is not. You know the money is coming, so naturally, you’d act like it.

However, when the money does come, (and it will). You must ensure that it is you that has money, and not money that has you. Think of money as a child, over whom you have stewardship. The older the child gets, the better you’ll have to handle it. Money too goes through its teenage years. It grows fast and wants to spend itself on youthful exuberance. If you do not successfully parent money at this stage, it will grow up to be an immature adult, incapable of taking care of you in your latter years.

What rushes you? Get down to the comment box and drop what you think. Let’s hear what’s going on in your head because ‘NA WISDOM DEY RUSH US’ .

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