Naija 3:16

Psalm 122: 6-7 asks us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem (our areas of residence and citizenship): “May those who love you be secure. May there be peace within your walls and security within your citadels.”

We thank God for the wonderful people and resources He has blessed our nation with; we thank Him also for the relative peace. Are you wondering what I am talking about? Don’t forget the world’s greatest genocide that happened in Rwanda in 1994. They didn’t experience this much before war broke out in their nation.

For God so loved the world (Nigeria) that He gave His beloved son (you, yes YOU) that whoever believes in and comes around you will not be poor, hopeless or depressed but will be blessed, prosperous and well taken care of.

We thank God that He is awakening Nigerians to the truth. You are in this country to make a difference. God has blessed you and put you here as His mouthpiece and the conduit through which this nation will grow to the heights destined for it.

We are the Salt and Light of Nigeria. Never allow the present circumstances to fold you into a mould that God has not fit you into. You are limitless as far as God is concerned. Raise your voice, lift up your hands, you are a Nigerian by divine order that makes you destined for greatness.

So Nigeria may not be there yet, but we are thankful. What are you thankful about Nigerian or being a Nigerian? Share with us this #ThankfulTuesday in the comments section.

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