Negotiation Skills: Compromise (The Conclusion)

His negotiation skills had been stretched to the limit; he wanted these people to know that he had their best interest at heart, even though his loyalty lies with his own organization. Deep down, he had the genuine interest and growth of these people at heart, if only they will realize that. The amount of money they wanted was outrageous considering that the money was going to end up in the pockets of some cabals and may not be used for the benefit of all. He would rather put forward, what will benefit them.

Femi’s Chief Executive had mentioned he was taking the case off him, he said “We should have wrapped up this project by now, but you allowed your “church mind” rub off on the whole thing, you need to wake up to the real world.” Yes, his Christian values come to the fore in the midst of it all.

Femi couldn’t separate himself from the case and that was why he kept looking for the best options for the community. His ultimate goal was to get a win-win solution and this he hoped to achieve for the community so that his firm can continue with the project. He learned quickly to avoid what could lead to litigation over the matter and that would have harmed his organization. He had also tried his best to maintain a good relationship with the youth leaders at the same time.

“One more try sir” Femi begged his Chief executive officer, the next meeting is in a week. “If I don’t seal this deal then, you can call in the consulting firm to take over.” And that was their agreement by the time he was leaving for home at the close of business that day.

He scheduled a private meeting with the youth president and the secretary outside the village (part of the advice he got from Dr Ikenna). Sometimes, meetings outside of the tensed community help calm nerves and make negotiators see broader.

“So, what do you want?” he asked the youth president, letting it show on his face that this game had gone on for too long. His opponents noticed it as well, their demeanour also showed they were tired. “You can’t get the five hundred million, but we can get to a middle ground. Don’t forget that the initial offers were all aimed at giving you a long-term benefit”, he added.

They spoke at length and knew they had to come to a compromise. He advised the youth president on the importance of having a mind of his own during negotiations and not allow people to use him to acquire illegal wealth. Putting the needs of the community first is a major priority for him and it should be for youths…

He knew it was a good meeting when the youth president said, “ Ok, build us a well-equipped health centre, a youth development centre as earlier promised, renovate the primary school, offer some of the qualified ones among us jobs and finally give scholarships to our late colleagues’ children”. For the first time, he saw a man with a mind of his own.

Femi smiled; this time, this request makes sense, at least it’s within the budget set aside for the community. He got up and shook hands with the youth president. “We’ll try our best to meet these demands this time and maybe include a cheque of N5million for the Excos”.

Finally, they can conclude on this impasse. He was also glad he was able to convince them to prioritize their community. He wasn’t ready to be a part of further decay in the society and the wanton greed of some leaders. His organization will attend to these requests as long as it’s for the common good of all. He was glad he foiled the plans of greedy masterminds.

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