New Year Goals: On Track Or Derailed?

Yes, there was molten magma in my veins and fire in my bones with the pistons of my heart pounding like a formula one supercar engine’s. I was spoiling to burst into 2019. I primed my ears to hear the whistle to zoom into the new year.

Happy New Year, happy New Year, everyone was cheering after the clocks chimed, the fireworks went off and the cocks crowed us into the so much expected brand new 2019. Indeed, the “cheers” made me feel like Bolt out to break his best record ever once and for all.

I cannot fully describe the zeal and gusto with which I set out but now, just prior to the twilights of Q1, I realize that situations and circumstances may have dampened the inferno of determination I may have set off from 2018 with.

Don’t get me wrong, my goals are still there and my targets so before me, but I feel like the race car’s tyres need to be changed already, the engine needs to be serviced and oil changed.

I’m beginning to wonder again how convenient it is for the expatriates. In a matter of weeks they zoom offshore (religiously), rest ‘wellll’ (sic) return recalibrated and continue like they’ve got an endless streak of ingenuity- yet they find themselves in the brouhaha of Brexit.

But seriously, it just may be that time in the game when you need to begin to restrategize, plan a short rest or me-time to relaunch as a refreshed person to implement the new strategies for the actualization of your 2019 targets. Agreed the year is still ahead of us, but with the advent of a new government, its new policies which you didn’t contemplate when the fire was burning in you to go and achieve.

I believe that you have definitely gained some mileage towards achieving your targets, and if by some chance you have achieved it already like that JB who raked in over $3billion in the first few days of the year, then you’re our superhero of Q1- please share the story with us on any of our social media handles, we will share with others to profit therefrom also. So the politicians that were successful during the last elections would have achieved one of the major four-year targets in Q1.

If you fall under that category that due to circumstances beyond your control you haven’t even hit the runway yet, they say “it’s better late than never”. If you didn’t start yesterday, there is no better time than now to take off. You still have a good chance to catch up and overtake. Truth is, it’s never too late to try as much as the early bird gets the worm.

Also, please feel free to join some of us in the category of those who are trudging on with fiery determination and unrelenting. Welcome to the twilight of the end of Q1 2019.

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