New Year, Renewed Faith, Same God

2016 looked tough but it didn’t stop Sue’s enthusiasm for an optimistic 2017. She didn’t set new resolutions, but left it to God. Read her story.

“I was born into a Christian home. We were not religious but we were taught that we needed God to get things done. We prayed daily not just before and after bed and we fasted for things we needed. My mum was a woman of faith. So it’s no surprise I grew up not a church goer but one who believed a relationship with God meant a good life.

In 2016, while driving home one day, I got a call from my good friend Fumz. In my heart, it was a call that was a long time coming. Fumz informed me on the call that a new church was opening and a content specialist was needed, without giving it a thought I said yes. “Yes Lord, use me!”, was the cry of my heart; the pay didn’t matter.

It was a new adventure, something different from what I was used to, but it was satisfying serving God as I knew I wanted to. I knew I was doing the right thing. I was a freelancer though looking for a full time job on the client side but it didn’t stop me giving my all to God’s work. I believed that He would take care of me. I knew it was a calling, I love assisting start ups but this new assignment was with more than passion, God wanted me to be part of His new family.

So it was no wonder I felt optimistic about 2017 because I knew He would take care of me. WCA was born in August 2016 and a new me was born too. My faith grew stronger, my understanding better. I learnt to pray better, praise better and be better. Financially things were tough but Matthew 6:26-34 stuck to me.

So it was no wonder that on entering 2017 I was optimistic about the year. For once, I never doubted it will be a good year. Wale (a worker in church) once told me when we went inviting people to church that “…you are not working in vain…”. He said God sees those who work for him and blesses them more than they imagine, “God will bless you”.

I believed, I knew, I waited and I pray my story is an inspiration to everyone who reads this cause it inspires me.

Not long after, I didn’t just get a job when I did, I got a prestigious job with one of the well known financial institutions in the country. It didn’t end there, as without planning, without it crossing my mind after so many failed relationships, I got married. The miracles didn’t end there. My first baby, one I had as a teenager, graduated with a 2:1. It was such a proud moment in my life.

Now, at 39 just when 40 looks like oh I won’t be starting a family, I didn’t just get married, I am having another baby. All these was what I wanted but felt it could not happen soon but guess what, it all happened in one year just because I listened and followed.

Yes, I am grateful for 2017 for God showered His love upon me and I know He has more in store for me in 2018. So if you hear Him calling, like Samuel, listen and follow His direction. Don’t worry about anything cause He’s got you covered.”

We live to hear such beautiful stories, stories that inspire us, reminds us of how good God is. How faithful He can be.

Share your inspiring 2017 Thankful Story today. Let’s inspire others to believe, have faith and have God work for them in 2018. We love you. Don’t forget to join us by 6:00pm for prayers as we join our voices in one accord to say “Thank You Lord” at the church premises.

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