Not As Bad As You Think

It is true that doing business in this environment is tough, it’s also true that as tough as it is, businesses are still thriving and flourishing. Business and entrepreneurship in themselves are risky adventures anywhere in the world but the odds are harder in this part of the world.

The support structures that makes businesses thrive are not readily available here. So you’ll have to rough it out if you really hope to make a success of that venture. Wisely explore the large market and labour force. Tough, though, our business environment may be, it’s really not as bad as it is portrayed. We still have a lot we can build on here.

The Nigerian business environment is uniquely different and interesting compared to others around. A market leader in Ghana or Togo or Cameroon is a small player in Nigeria because of the sheer size of Nigeria’s economy. Therefore, the mindset that complains, grumbles and doesn’t see anything good here cannot make success of any opportunity. It won’t even recognize it.

If you continue to work with the mindset that insists nothing works here, you’ll be unintentionally jeopardising your business potentials. You must train your eyes and mind to see opportunities, rather than threats, anywhere you find yourself including this economy.

Though we see things differently, this impacts our capacity to take advantage of opportunities before they become obvious or obsolete. Recognizing opportunities in any environment depends on your training, experience and mindset. Don’t allow our peculiar environment squeeze you and your business into its own mold, it can be very frustrating, but you have to keep up with your game.

Don’t become so well-adjusted to the same way you’ve been doing business, you’ve got to learn to think outside the box. By so doing, you’ll be giving your business a new breath of life. Remember to fix your attention on possibilities always.

Intelligence doesn’t translate to success. No matter how intelligent one is, you must be ready to rough it out to achieve your dreams.

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