Note To Self

The mind is a flexible mirror. To see a better world, you have to adjust it accordingly. Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside changes alongside it because the mind has a powerful way of attracting things that are in harmony with it.

We are a product of our thoughts, these thoughts shape who we are, how we see ourselves and how we relate with our environment and the people around us. What do you think about? Do you think healthy thoughts about your life, career and spiritual life? What do you constantly tell yourself?


The way we see the world is coloured by our experiences and past. In order to see the world as a better place, we have to let go of our past or anything that has held us down. It’s only by doing this that we get to see the beauty of God’s grand vision for our lives without any bias.

Another trip around the sun has begun, we’ve all written down our goals or thought about them in our hearts. It’s okay to be scared and unsure, it’s okay to sometimes be in self-doubt but just don’t dwell there worrying about the what if’s and what not’s. It is far easier to take risks and chase dreams with a mindset that has nothing to lose.

If you are really going to make a difference, just like Cyclops, a time will come when you have to take off those guards (Visors) and unleash what God has deposited in you. Open the windows of your mind, allow fresh air and new truths to come in. Only then will you conquer.

We are the millennials, we are here to do exploits and break new grounds. Feed your mind with powerful and positive thoughts. Let go of fear, let go of doubts. Start each new day with this powerful words “I am …… “ (fill in the blanks). For whatever you tell your mind is what reflects on the outside and this would also determine what you attract.

As for me, these are the words I tell myself: “I am an Influencer, I am an Authority, I do exploits!”

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