Now That Elections Are Over

So the Presidential and the National Assembly elections have come and gone until another four years. Yes, we prepped, we argued, we even spent tons of money in travels, electioneering, covering for the costs of work-free days etc. Sadly, some beloved citizens, friends and family passed- may their souls rest well.

No matter how the elections impacted our lives, we have all heaved our sighs at the “orisirisi” we have surmounted. Now it’s back to business, at least we should have sober moments prior to the pending elections.

We can now begin to roll out the drums to congratulate our successfully elected representatives. Instead of spending so much on newspaper and media congratulatory messages, you could simply just send a congratulatory letter and save some of that cash that went during the elections, you may also impact some lives with the savings by your invaluable CSR and earn some goodwill.

It’s now time for you to update your proposals. The pharaoh that knows Joseph will move on. Officials will change. You may also need to up your game notches higher as it’s a final term of a government that may not be keen to play to the gallery but wants to get the job done by hook or crook. Policies will also be impacted.

Better still, you may need to set up to be a game changer. Question the norm and create a paradigm shift in the market place that may shift the traffic of customers to your business. Brain-storming sessions with relevant folks around you will also impact your market place position.

Furthermore, and like it or not, you need to be closer to the people and things that matter to your business. While the family is key and non-negotiable, you must be deliberately relevant in the scheme of things in your network. Make this happen.

It’s great to keep up with the relevant trends in the market or, better still, create that trend.

The ultimate target for all these is some form of profit, cash or kind. This will happen in unlimited proportions when you can create that niche of customers satisfaction by thinking outside the box and having the right ideas, people and relationships around you.

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