Officially Speaking

Yvonne was a typical introvert, no contest. She detested any gathering that had more than 3 people, worse with people that expected her to mingle and network, that’s what they called chattering these days right? Funke, a colleague, earlier on today, went on and on about the benefits of this party and it wasn’t like an express flight to heaven! But when they said it would be an appraisal matter, Yvonne had no choice.

Upon arrival, Funke pulled her in and was making a point of introducing her around. Aaarggh! Yvonne longed for her couch and John Grisham novel. There were drinks flowing and people were starting to lose their ‘officialness’. Clients became extra friendly too.

“Relax, it’s a party!” Funke said. At that very moment, Yvonne was gently tugged to a table to meet a few clients. “This is Lanre, our Human Capital Development consultant and of course you know Yomi who heads OAP Investments”.

Yvonne was irresistibly drawn into the conversation the four of them were having. Lanre told the group how he rose through the ranks in his career. He had a vision board where he had cut and pasted his dream job, house and perks that he desired. Lanre said that every day, for the past 8 years, he ‘confessed’ in front of his vision board and amassed verbal wealth. Huh? The group grunted. He was happy to explain that he invested time into proclamations in private and learning how to speak assertively in public.

In private, he’d converted those board elements into prompting words and phrases that he spoke to himself every morning. They fueled his mind, gave him confidence as he started each day and helped him see himself, back then, as the full-fledged CEO he is today. When challenges at work arose, he employed ‘emotional intelligence’ to speak to his line manager, neither passively nor aggressively – noting that the situation required careful communication. Lanre was now an expert at keeping his cool, even under pressure.

A new boss showed up a few years ago that was not as pleasant as the last. But as teething issues arose, Lanre employed his verbal wealth to diffuse tension and get Mr Haastrup to his corner. While his work spoke for him, so did his presentations and requests. When it was time to move on to another organization, public and private confessions helped Lanre again. The principles were the same – speak only what you want to see. Day in, day out. The group was impressed and asked him for more information!

All this talk about speaking made Yvonne nervous, but she could clearly see the benefits. Perhaps she needed to take a few courses in effective communication, assertiveness in the workplace, and so on. It was time to invest in herself to gain ‘verbal wealth’ – she obviously needed to move up in her career. She would take it one step at a time, not that in a week, she expected to be presenting to a management board meeting. Yvonne was encouraged and she even took the bold step of taking Lanre’s contact details once he was done speaking. She planned to follow up with him and maybe even beginning a mentoring relationship – he could guide her on her career path.

Are you in need of some verbal wealth? Have any tips and tricks to share with others? In the meantime, check out some online and physical courses, find a mentor that can guide you – invest in you. Your future you would thank you for it. Cheers!

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