One Irrational Moment

Based on popular opinion, Josh a marketing executive is a great employee, diligent with his duties, seemingly excellent people skills, and an overall body language that screams confidence a mile away. It was not difficult, therefore, to easily notice him among the bunch in the open office while he bantered loudly with colleagues.

It was literally ‘love at first sight’ when Kemi, a new employee, saw Josh walk through the front desk, Kemi had just taken the post of a production accountant at the marketing firm. Unlike Josh, she’s quite introverted and will do anything to avoid attention but her fashionable exterior says otherwise. As the days passed by, little glances and stares advanced to compliments and random acts of kindness. Josh had a game plan and he was very deliberate about it. Kemi responded with pure love to his charm and something sweet was born. Josh was determined to make this right as against his many failed attempts at cleaving. Their relationship blossomed, plans were on for the introduction and Josh planned to resign instead of Kemi to join another firm.

On a cloudy Thursday evening, it was 6pm and close of work, it’s a routine for Josh to give Kemi a ride to her estate gate and sometimes home. On this fateful day that El Classico starts by 8pm, Josh hurried to the parking lot while Kemi asked for a few minutes to send an official mail, she stayed 15 minutes longer than planned. Due to the increasing Lagos Island traffic Josh went back into the office to get her. He saw Kemi exchanging hugs with a male colleague, Bode.

Oblivious of Josh’s jealousy, Bode said ‘here comes the mumu in love’. Josh charged at him, held his neck tightly violently and eventually pushed him to the wall. Bode eventually fell like a sack and lost consciousness while Kemi helplessly screamed in fear and terror. Just a moment of irrationality marked Josh’s undoing. He had battled with extreme rage for a large part of his life. It started as an uncontrolled impulse as a kid but his excesses were indulged as a child by his parents. It had followed him, but subtly into his adult life and now exploded with consequences on both his career and his now-cancelled engagement.

It is said that, “talent takes you up, but character keeps you there’. As professionals, it’s important to be mindful of our moral and mental development as well as decisions – long and short-term.

Do you ever experience flashes of rage? Have you been pushed to the wall in frustration at work? How do you deal with intense amounts of pressure? Do share with us and have a great #TieThursday.

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