Opportunity Comes, But Once

Jabu got this lifetime opportunity to meet with a major music producer visiting from the U.S. He got the notice late the previous day. He was away in Kano & needed to rush to Lagos to make the meeting. The producer was scheduled to leave for U.S. same day but Jabu was still in Kano thinking of how to make the Lagos meeting. Jabu was so certain the opportunity was gone. Gone forever, he concluded. His circle of frustration in life continues.

Tinu finally got a lee way to land her dream job. She’s got to be at the CEO’s office by 9am for a final chat to select the final two but she was still in traffic by 9:10 am because traffic from her part of town was horrific & she couldn’t tell that to the CEO. Of course, she missed the opportunity. The HR tried all they could but unfortunately, Tinu’s location became her undoing. Talk of lost opportunities.

But, does opportunity really come but once? That’s a billion dollar question.

The fact is, opportunities never comes just once. Opportunities may be lost, but opportunities will always come knocking on your door again and again but most of the time disguised. They never show up again the same way they first appeared; but they keep coming.

The creator has spread before us a myriad of endless opportunities that are not tied to any person or institution. Opportunities are more or less God sent.

However, as much as possible, it is best that you take up every opportunity as if it’s the last one and make the best of it. Conquer the opportunity and shine!

Opportunity beckons at you daily. That project you are assigned with at work is an opportunity for your shine to show. One opportunity if properly utilized will always produce another four new opportunities.

That pressure of waking up early, getting yourself together and running to the marketplace is an opportunity for you to go and be a star. It is an opportunity to make your employer proud that they made the right choice hiring you amongst the thousands. Another opportunity to stamp your authority in the sands of time of that company and say “John was here” (in a good way).

Being a business owner and employer, your size notwithstanding, is also an opportunity for you to impact lives in a multinational way. The capacity lies in you.

Make up your mind today to take up every project, business, appointment, as God given opportunity to be an influencer & live extraordinarily.

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