Our God Is A Great Provider

I am into the sales of POP cement used for constructing those fancy ceilings you see in buildings around town.

A couple of Sundays ago, on 5th Nov 2017 precisely, I received a call very early that morning. It was my supplier, who had called to tell me that his goods had been cleared by Customs and these will leave the port to his customers, which included me, the next day but there I was, without enough money to pay for the goods that were headed to my shop.

The goods being expected were supposed to cost almost ₦2 Million and I had only ₦670,000 at home and abroad. The month of October and the first week of November were a very interesting period with dwindling sales for us at the shop. There were days we didn’t even sell anything at all!. We had sales of as low as ₦7,000 on some days, so I was justifiably concerned about where I was going to raise the money to pay for the goods.

That Sunday, I decided to put my worries aside and prayed for supernatural provision for me in that week to settle payment for the goods. Indeed, God answered my prayers, settled the payment for the goods and provided even beyond what I asked of Him. Isn’t God wonderful!!?

By Monday, the next day, someone owing me ₦300,000 paid! The following Wednesday, sales of goods enough to make up the balance rolled in for us. All the funds rolled in shortly after I left it all to Him and I was able to pay for the goods. I even paid for other items worth an additional ₦400,000.

I was astounded at the miraculous turn of events during that short period in which I was also constrained for time. I have never seen this kind of God. He is indeed the God that answers prayers!

On this Thursday again, we continue to be thankful as we rejoice with Irene for the deeds of the Great Provider. Let the heavens rejoice and the earth be glad. Let the seas resound with a mighty roar and let the earth be filled with the glory of the Lord!

Join us later today at 6:00pm at Muffy Hall, 271, Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba, as we give Him more thanks and experience His presence like never before.

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