Our Ultimate Protector

If you can read this chat then you have so much to be thankful for. #ThankfulThursday welcomes you to an amazing time with God. He is ‘Our Ultimate Protector’ from the seen and unseen. He fights our battles both known and unknown. One of such examples of His protection happened lately to a gentleman we know and love.

He woke up that morning with praise in his heart and a ‘thank you’ on his lips. Little did he know he’d have so much more to be thankful for by the end of the day. He kissed his wife and kids goodbye as they left for school and returned to preparing for his own exit to work. Suddenly, he noticed that his daughter had forgotten to serve him warm drinking water, which was his routine, first thing in the morning. He didn’t want to go about the day without this first drink that usually helped him cleanse his system. That was his cue to do it himself as he poured a bit of water into the kettle to boil thinking he would mix the boiled water with cold water in his mug to get the appropriate temperature. He set the kettle on the cooker to boil and quickly went off to attend to another business.
Soon after, at about 9am, he set off for work, fulfilled and ready to take on the day. The day was as productive as it could be and he was happy to head back home after such a good day.
“Daddy, you almost burnt down the house!” was the statement that greeted him when he got home. Suddenly, he remembered all his morning activities… he had left the kettle on the gas cooker, unattended for hours! Shocked and delighted that the house was still in one piece, he asked: how, what, who… it was a mystery!

Five hours had passed before someone actually stepped into the house to notice the burning kettle sitting on the gas stove. Thankfully, it didn’t catch fire and there was neither any casualty nor destroyed property to cry about. No doubt, this could only be the hand of God!

Think about other disasters that God has saved us from.
Yes, He is the one who protects and guards us. We have all the reasons in the world to be thankful.

We are even more thankful as we join the Alaka family to rejoice over the birth of their lovely baby: an addition to the #WhiteOlive family.

Don’t just read this and look away, share it and join us by 6:00pm today to give praise to Him who is worthy of all our praises.
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