Overcoming Powerlessness

The feeling of powerlessness is a terrible feeling that throws one into a frenzy of hopelessness.

James is planning to quit. He’s almost lost his entire business. He feels he’s lost control of everything. Although he made some bad business decisions along the lines that changed everything. It was a defective business model template he was using, plus a lack of thorough knowledge of his industry.

The truth is, he didn’t really ‘know’ the business; he lacked fundamental knowledge of the nitty gritty of Oil & Gas business.

A number of entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed when they run into business troubles or when they’ve lost some money and or opportunities. Everything just spirals out of control for them. They can’t seem to make a head way on what to do next when faced with market challenges. They feel helpless and afraid.

Some feel drained of energy, drive and enthusiasm. They get to that point where they just want to give in & abandon everything. But, you should know that this is not the time to call it quits yet. It’s actually a time to search deeper within yourself.

Sometimes, we allow life and tough situations bully us into submission, we’re tempted to abandon it all. You can’t afford to internalize the feeling of powerlessness. Its a trap to break your focus and disrupt your business.

But “‎Power” is the ability to do! Your ability to respond, not react to the situation in ways that dissipate your fears.

In whatever situation you find yourself, always remember you still have the power of choice. Respond with the force of prayers, determination & courageous effort to re-work your business model.

Take a critical look at your business model. Truth is, that model isn’t working or else you won’t be in the mess you’re in. Return to the drawing board. Re-strategize your approach and make new choices.

Change your thinking; If you think you can, yes you can. If you think you can’t, then you definitely can’t.

Unfortunately, within 6 months, James lost the business but he never felt powerlessness about the situation. He went back to the basics, changed his model and his industry of operation. Got new learnings and started afresh.

Today, James is back. He’s delved into logistics business with better strategies and waxing stronger. His experience had made him to conclude that there is no situation that can’t be reversed or resolved

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