Painful Breakups Can Be God-sent

My relationship was all rosy. We had been together for over 2 years. Friends commented on how good we were, together. Even he agreed that we were good together. He called me his ride-or-die chic. The one who ‘gets’ him. So as much as I saw his lack of commitment, I believed the words spoken and fell deeply for him.

Imagine the shocker I got when a phone call came and told me that my ride-or-die boyfriend was at Ikoyi Club, saying “I do” to someone else and not me. Oh, sure, he was going to die since our ride was over! Truth be told: he didn’t die, I did.

But you see, that phone call practically saved my life, instead of killing me. You know why? I was in lust and deluded by the ideology he placed at my feet. The idea that we were best together and that we were meant to be. Do you know he even told me that if we made the mistake of marrying other people, we would cheat on them because nothing could tear us apart?! What madness!

Trust me, if it’s not God-ordained, it’d be worst together. The funny thing is that God shows us the truth but refuse to accept it, because, most times, it doesn’t align with what we want. We fail, at that moment, to realise He sees the future and so knows what’s best for us.
Yes, I saw the signs. Funny how the devil uses what we want against us. At the time I met him, I wanted a relationship but not a combined one. I needed to have my space; to be able to see other guys and do all I wanted without the restraint of a relationship. I wanted what the liar called an ‘open relationship’.

So, it started well. Then I fell in love with him, thinking he was always in love with me but the truth, he was in love with who he thought I was. He wanted a rich man’s daughter. One who would lift him up from his present predicament. Unfortunately, I was living in past glory. My family was not worth even a 100 Thousand Naira.

So I wasn’t so surprised he left me for a rich ex when I heard about their wedding. This was barely 3 months after we’d had the best christmas holiday ever; and just a month to when we planned to visit Ghana together. How possible was it, that he was planning a wedding while planning fun holidays with me?

That meant he’d planned to continue the lustful relationship with me after marriage…nothing was sacred to him!

It hurt, oh yes it did but I was better off for it. Imagine marrying such a person when his heart was truly not yours? Someone who does not respect marriage vows. I would have been unhappy just like his bride was.

After the pain of been jilted, I came to realise I was truly loved by God. He spared me the heartbreak of such a relationship that ignored marital vows. I would have lived a life of lies and who knows how miserable I would have been.

Marriage is not a bed of roses, it’s not built with flattering words. It’s not built on assumptions, either or fake love. I know how it feels to be jilted, but I also know how it feels to be free of poisonous relationships.

So next time you feel jilted, give God the glory. He might just have saved you from a disastrous relationship. Remember that ALL things work together for the good of them that love God and are called by His purpose.

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  1. I wish I could put an emoticon here, I would be crying then laughing. I did date a guy who broke the relationship because I could not greet the yoruba way of kneeling down. At least that was his excuse and he got married barely 6months later.

    Oh, did I tell you by the way that I am not yoruba? Unfortunately, I had given the goods away.

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