Peer Pressure And The Sore Thumb 2

Tito got into trouble. Oh yes, she did! The school authority was on her tail concerning drug abuse and she was facing a prison term if found guilty as the School had been looking for a scapegoat.

Tito’s parents were mortified. Their brilliant daughter was facing expulsion and prison time. Worst still, she had been gang-raped and can’t identify the young men who raped her.

Tito was torn between keeping her new sisters or staying in school. If she told on them, she’d be labelled a rat and would never have the opportunity to join any other chick flick clique. If she didn’t, she would lose her school admission and be a lifetime loser as other schools would blacklist her.

She, however, couldn’t believe the doctors when they told her she was raped by more than 1 person as they found multiple semen specimens inside of her. She was beaten and didn’t want to believe her ‘sisters’ set her up to be raped. She knew, though, that the doctors weren’t lying.

She was very sore and knew something was missing as she had been a virgin previously. She felt sad and betrayed that girls her age could do such a thing to her just because she wanted to be their friend.

This made Tito fall suddenly into depression and instead of being discharged and sent home, she was sent to a mental institution and the investigation was postponed till when she got better. No friends were allowed to visit her except her parents and siblings. She lost so much weight because she wasn’t eating and was falling in and out of dementia. It was obvious she wanted to forget her troubles, it was obvious she felt lost and unwanted.

Tito’s Mom was furious at what was happening to her strong-willed daughter and threatened to sue the school for not protecting her daughter. She told the school to investigate the rape and drug incidents as she knew her daughter did not do drugs, much less OD-ing on some.

She hired a lawyer and the school had to investigate the matter. Luckily for Tito, her Mom kept all the messages Tito sent to her and informed the investigation team about the clique her daughter joined. She showed them all the texts and pictures, so the girls were rounded up.

Among the clique of 5, only one was remorseful and confessed to the crime. She said Tito was never going to make the clique in the first place cause the head of the clique, Sandy, was jealous of her beauty and intelligence. Sandy knew most of the guys in the department found Tito desirable and so to tarnish Tito’s reputation, she planned the rape and drug abuse.

With the story, the 4 young men who raped Tito were brought to justice and the young ladies too paid for their wickedness. All 9 were expelled from school and faced a prison term.
Tito, however, lost a full year from school as she recovered slowly and was discharged after 6 months. She had to regularly see her shrink to get her mind right and her confidence back.

Her Mom apologized for pushing her to the limits and they both attended a fellowship for ‘women who need to find themselves’. This helped, as Tito was finally able to forgive herself and her Mom and was ready to go back to school.

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